Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Fun!!!

This Saturday I went to two estate sales, and had a great time sorting, and digging through boxes! Both sales had parts that were organized, you know the jewelry and the "expensive" china. And, they both had boxes and boxes of stuff to go through.

Saturday was day number three for the first estate sale....the men in charge keep saying no offer refused. I did not have to offer, I was very happy with the price they named for things I had gathered.

The second sale was family run. Prices were reasonable. And this one had a trunk full of linens to sort through!! Some of them have some pretty good stains on them, but the needlework is great shape!!!

Some napkins and what seems to be a dresser scarf set
Dishtowels with vintage veggie images...not embroidered, it looks like a pen was used to trace images onto the anyone familiar with this technique?
A vintage baby jacket and bib

fans from Singapore with silk images
a vase that I thought might be Roseville...wrong, but made in the USA,  and a lovely head vase in perfect condition..not a chip on her!! I found her on a shelf in the garage covered in dust and grease.

Crossing my fingers that you had the same kind of luck as I did this weekend!!



  1. Oooh Chris!! You so scored some great linens!! Love absolutely everything!! Those hand towels in the first pic are beautiful!! ;) xo Heather

  2. Wonderful goodies from the sales, Chris! You must've had so much fun going through everything. Love all that embroidery & crochet work! I wonder if paint pens were used on those towels? Seems like I saw paint pens mentioned somewhere recently. The vases look so sweet together :)

  3. Oh Chris, what treasures you found! I love estate sales - especially on the third day when prices drop, and if I'm by myself and can take the time to go through bags and boxes of hidden treasures. You made me wish I had gone to some sales this weekend. Maybe next weekend. laurie

  4. Hi Chris! I'm doing an 'info-mercial' for Oxyclean today. You can use it to soak those vintage linens for six hours and MAGIC, they are super white. If all the stains don't disappear, do it again. I love that on old tablecloths, MAGIC! I'm lovin' those crocheted hot pads, there a a million patterns and they are so colorful! I use them like a border under my cabinets; each one different. FUN FINDS!


  5. I love hand embroidered linens. It is so fun to look at and such pleasant surprise when you get a bunch at great price. I enjoyed your adventure at the estate sales. Looks like it was a blast.

  6. Nice linen SCORE!!! Looks like we both had a nice weekend going to sales.

  7. Picture 1? Gasp!

    Picture 2? Deeper gasp!

    Picture 3? Even deeper gasp!

    Picture 4? Hubby came running and asking if everything was okay.

    Picture 5? Needed my inhaler (asthma you know)

    Did you know your blog is dangerous to my health? LOL

    Love ALL your finds. I sure have a thing for vintage linens too!

  8. Happy May Day...and I love all the bargains you have posted here. Just such fun...We have City Wide Sales Friday/Sat so hope I can find a few "Little Treasures" ...

  9. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you found so many wonderful embroidered linens!! LOVE those!