Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Storm Door Is Open!!!

The weatherman says the storm door is open!

That means the Bay Area will be getting some much needed rain! If the weatherman is correct, we should be seeing a few days of rain!

I know there are a lot of you out in blogland that are hoping to see the end of winter storms, but we need the rain so badly here, I say bring it on!

This was the view from my desk this morning!

I haven't seen this is a very long time!

I'm hoping the patio cushions that I forgot to move in will dry.....I didn't really believe the weatherman when he said we would be getting rain this week!

I guess that will teach me!!


Friday, March 21, 2014

A Little Card Making!

I spent an evening this week crafting two birthday cards.....

Nothing fancy, birthday wishes written on the back
and dropped in the mail

It felt good to do a little crafting.....

I just might try to get it together to make a few Easter cards!

Crossing my fingers!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Secret Leprechaun Swap!

I'm way behind in sharing the wonderful St. Paddy's Day treat's Pam sent me. No excuses but between work and celebrating Mr. Math's 60th birthday last weekend I just couldn't find the time....I know,  you are thinking what a lucky guy Mr. Math is to have married someone so much younger than he is!! TeHe!  All the girls, and their families were home for a long weekend...he was so happy to have them home to celebrate with us...the best present he could ask for!  Getting ready for them to visit and then cleaning up after they've all gone home keeps me busy!

So my apologies to Pam for not posting sooner......

Any Who.....

Pam who blogs at Virginia Retro was my Secret Leprechaun in the swap Vivian who blogs at Viv Out On A Whim hosted.

The box that my secret leprechaun sent was wearin' the green!

Everything wrapped so carefully.....

Pam decorated a mini terra cotta pot, with green shamrock flowers and a pot of gold!!!

So sweet!!

an embellished box with candy, shamrocks and a pin......I wonder how she knew I was a little Irish girl!

Two St. Paddy's day tags....I love these!  I have a soft spot for tags

Some wonderful St. Patrick's Day ribbon,


a silly Leprechaun boy!! Love his impish smile!!!

Many thanks to Viv for hosting and to Pam for taking such good care of me.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!