Monday, October 28, 2013

Finishing Up Halloween!

I had promised myself that I would finish the Halloween quilt that I started several years ago by Halloween this year.

And guess what???

I did it!!

Up close of the quilting

I took off the few embellishments that I had added so the long arm quilting wouldn't get caught on them.

I haven't added any of them back yet, so maybe it doesn't really qualify as finished yet....

Any Whoo

I don't really have a place to hang the quilt as a display, and I thought if someone ended up using it as a quilt to warm up with, the buttons and snaps might keep it from feeling cozy. I'll have to think about it.

I also finished up a little felted black cat.  I used dental floss for his whiskers and gave him orange eyes and a little bell.

That about does it for Halloween for the Xavier Ct. House.

Are you still decorating for Halloween?


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Donna's Block Of The Week!

Donna who blogs at Donna's Lavender Nest is hosting a Quilt Sampler, block of the week follow along.

I absolutely consider myself a beginning quilter, anything other than a square scares the you know what out of me!

I am not good at measuring or cutting fabric. I keep telling myself practice makes perfect.....


To get better you need to practice the things that scare you.

So I decided to follow along with Donna and her block of the week sampler.

When I saw that the first block was small triangles and squares, I admit I had second thoughts!

I don't do small either....not much room for forgiveness!

The first block! Only one of my corners matches up exactly but the others aren't too bad....I am going to make one more this coming week to see I can get them to match perfectly.

I also decided I'm only going to use fabric that I have on reason to buy more fabric.

Now the second block was one center square and the rest all triangles!

A big reach for me, the first quilt block I've made using triangles.

My first attempt...not bad.....a couple of the points cutoff and I didn't like the fabrics...they just didn't send me.

The points weren't cut off on this one, but too much distance between the fabrics....and I did not like the red fabric with this either.

The third times the charm right??? I love the fabrics, and the points on this one are much better, I will lose a little bit of the points when I sew the blocks together...maybe this coming week I'll try one more time to see if I can get it just right!

I'm having a lot fun with Donna's quilt sampler follow along.  It's a perfect way to improve my measuring and cutting skills!

Here's to Halloween week!!!


Friday, October 25, 2013

White Christmas Tag Swap!!

I'm hosting the 4th annual White Christmas Tag Swap!!!

Two years ago I was asked if I'd like to participate in a White Christmas Tag Swap. 

I said yes!
I said yes last year too!
and this year

I was asked to host the swap and guess what????

I said yes!!

Currently we have 17 participants and almost all who have signed up have participated in the past.

I'd love to have a few more sign up...I love even numbers... even numbers are so much nicer to divide into two groups....which I am planning on doing..... so it won't be too overwhelming.

Now the important stuff....

You will make one tag per person in your group....10 in your group you make 10 tags...send me 9 and keep one for yourself. They can all be the same or you can make them all different. In the past some artists have strictly adhered to the "White Christmas" theme and the tags are all done in white. Others have branched out.

Whatever your little heart desires! 

The tags need to be send to me by November 22nd. The gives me a week to get them in the mail and to you close to the first of December.

Standard shipping tag size, roughly 5" x 2 1/2".

And you need to be sure to sign and date your tag.  

I will hold the sign ups open until Monday the 28th of October.

I'm sorry for the short notice, but October sort of got away from me!!

YIKES!!!! Eight weeks until Christmas!!!!

Email with any questions!


Monday, October 21, 2013

The Winner????????

Of my Halloween giveaway was drawn, by Mr. Math, AKA Senior Grandpa.......

And the winner is?????

Pam who blogs at Virginia Retro!!

Mr. Math drew Pam's name out of his favorite hat!

For those who don't know this a baseball hat from the University of Oregon!

The Ducks!!!

Mr. Math played baseball at UO a million years ago, and wears this hat proudly!

Any Who.....

 A big thank you to all who entered my giveaway!

Pam please email me your address and I will get this to you ASAP!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Go To Gifts!!

When the invitation came in the mail inviting me to a baby shower, it wasn't too hard to come up with gift ideas.

I always bring the same things to baby showers!

The first gift is a dozen socks!

I spray paint an egg carton, pink or  blue if I know the sex of the baby, or yellow or green if I don't.

And then I fill the egg carton with socks!

I place a small piece of tissue paper in each egg holder, to keep the paint off of the socks.

I never buy socks for newborns, even though they have to be the cutest thing around, we all know if they do fit, they don't fit for long.

Once the socks are added to the carton, I tie it up! I used white tulle this time and used the extra socks as a bow!

The second gift I took was a vintage planter filled with wash cloths and baby shampoo, and lotions

I always bring a gift for the mom to be too! Years ago when I had my first baby, a family friend gave me a new bathrobe and slippers at my baby shower. I loved that I got a gift too and decided then to "borrow" the idea.

So, for this new mom to be, I bought a pair of blue slippers.... if you haven't guessed.... she's having a boy, and a few pairs of blue socks that have Aloe Vera in them.

This baby's room has a jungle theme, and the mama has a special love of Elephants. 

 After looking at such amazing Halloween Spoolies on the blogs lately, I decided to make an Elephant Spoolie....I really wanted to have the Elephant hold the umbrella in her trunk, but her trunk just wasn't strong enough!

Do you have any go to gifts that you always take or make for certain occasions?? 

Oh, don't forget to sign up here for my Halloween pillow give away. Today's the last day to sign up, I will draw a winner tonight!!!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Think This Qualifies......

As a collection!

I picked up this frog collection this past weekend at a garage sale.

I'm not sure I will ever use them all, but at a quarter a piece I couldn't pass them up!

My favorites are the glass ones and the one with the petals.

Off the top of my head I think they'll be great for displaying tags or postcards.....


Maybe a flower arrangement or two!

Be sure to leave a comment on yesterday's post to be entered in my Halloween giveaway!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Halloween Giveaway!!

After working this weekend on the Halloween pillows that I never finished last year, I realized I had one extra to giveaway!


I decided to gift it to one of my blog readers!

This little witch has some crazy stockings and a little bling on her shoes!

There will be other Halloween Treats included in your package, I promise NO Tricks!! the rules to be entered in the giveaway....

Leave a comment on this post....that's it!

I will draw a name Sunday night October 20th after 8pm.

Any comment posted by then will be included in the giveaway. 


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Too Cute For Words!!!!

My partner for Deb's and Sandy's Halloween Spoolie swap was Judi who blogs at My Charming Simplicity.

Judi sent me an email asking me if I would like a Halloween Spoolie or a Fall Spoolie.... I said I would like a Halloween Spoolie.  

Judi did not disappoint!!!!

I love that the Spool still had the thread on it, such a lovely background for Judi's embellishments, and just the perfect color!!

She used orange and black straws, and added a darling banner decorated with candy corn and beaded letters spelling out the word


A few Fall leaves have "fallen" on the top of the Spoolie.  To finish it off, a ghost holding the cutest Trick or Treat bag!!!

Judi has even put a few treats in the bag!

Such detail!

Judi included a goodie bag filled with M&M'S!!! I love M&M'S!! It's really too bad there isn't a weight watcher version!!!

I will treasure this darling Halloween Spoolie always!  I was so lucky to be partnered with Judi.  A talented and creative lady!!

I have to apologize to Judi.  In her post about the Spoolie I sent her, she said she felt badly that she did not send more.  Judi I never meant to embarrass you by sending the paper treats....Please accept my apology.... I only meant the best in sending them..

Please know that I think your Spoolie is....

Too Cute For Words!!

It sits proudly in my Halloween display!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just A Little.....

Halloween at the Xavier Ct. House......

Some of you may remember that there is no fireplace in the Xavier Ct. I decorate my sideboard for holidays.

One of my favorite Halloween decorations is the framed was created by using a paper folding method called Iris Paper Folding.

Do any of you remember these little candy holders? They were given away in McDonald's Happy Meal Toys! Of course they were given out during the Halloween season. I have had these for years.....I was trying to remember when these were given out as Happy Meal Toys...after a little Internet research it looks like these were given in Happy Meals in 1998.

The toy included a sealed bag of candy. You filled the Halloween dispenser with the candy and as you lifted up the mask a small piece would pop out....sort of like a Pez dispenser.

I wonder if you can still get Happy Meal Toys that dispense candy?