Monday, October 21, 2013

The Winner????????

Of my Halloween giveaway was drawn, by Mr. Math, AKA Senior Grandpa.......

And the winner is?????

Pam who blogs at Virginia Retro!!

Mr. Math drew Pam's name out of his favorite hat!

For those who don't know this a baseball hat from the University of Oregon!

The Ducks!!!

Mr. Math played baseball at UO a million years ago, and wears this hat proudly!

Any Who.....

 A big thank you to all who entered my giveaway!

Pam please email me your address and I will get this to you ASAP!



  1. Oh my goodness Chris, I am just thrilled to win! Thank you!

    I'm having my morning coffee and reading the new posts on my blog list and I'm so surprised and grateful to be the winner! The pillow is so cute and will be a treasured part of my (small but growing) Halloween décor. I can't sew a stitch and so admire you and my other blogger "sewing" friends for their talent.

    Thank you for having this generous giveaway and thanks to Mr. Math for pulling my name out of his awesome hat. :) Pam

  2. Yay for Pam!! Congrats! Happy Tuesday!! :) xo Holly

  3. Yippee for your Pam. She will love this so.

  4. Yeah for Pam! Boo for me! I can't believe I missed out on your giveaway! I would have loved to see that cutie at my house. Life just gets in the way of blogging, I tell you. I like your new collection too. I always enjoy a visit with you Chris.

  5. Congrats to the lucky winner. Have a great week!