Friday, January 31, 2014

You're Invited!!

To a Valentine Tea!!

Aren't these the cutest invitations? The invitation maker out did herself!

I wasn't sure what food item I was going to bring, so I looked through the recent edition of Tea Time magazine for ideas.

I choose the Salmon Mousse Tea sandwiches!
Something different, and a little bit pink for the holiday!

Don't they look delicious???


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We Are Planning A Wedding!!!

Daughter number four, Miss Liz has announced her engagement to a wonderful young man!!

We couldn't be happier!!

 Liz's future in laws live in Incline Village Nevada. Rob grew up in Incline Village.....the neighbors across the street offered their house on the Lake for the you can imagine Liz and Rob jumped at the chance!

It was cold,raining and windy on Lake Tahoe last Saturday!
I know the sun will be shining in August when the kids get married!

The reception will be across the street at Rob's parents house. Cocktail hour in the front yard and dinner will be in the backyard.

Our planning is moving right along....we have a photographer, and Liz has picked out her wedding dress. I went to Reno this past weekend to meet with a caterer. We loved them and are on their calendar!

So much effort goes into planning a wedding......

And I love every minute of it!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finished Quilts!

I worked on two quilts this holiday was a baby quilt and one was a Christmas quilt for Miss Margaret.

Years ago I bought a few panels of fabric because I loved the Santa's on it and I loved the sayings.

Of course I never did anything with panels...until this year when I decided to make a Christmas quilt for Miss M.  

I choose bright red, white and gray fabric for the borders. I used a Christmas red minky fabric for the back.

I loved the fabric I choose for the new baby! I didn't know if it was a boy or a I need something generic.

I guess I should take a picture before I sew the rows together, I am just noticing a mistake in the first two rows... I'm off with the design.....Oh well, it gives it a little personality right?


Friday, January 3, 2014

Where Does it Go?

Can you believe 2013 is gone and 2014 is here?

My folks always said time flies.....I guess they really knew what they were talking about.....

It sure does!

 Mr. Math is visiting our Miss Margaret in Phoenix and my local girls had big plans to spend New Year's Eve in San Francisco.

Love these images....not sure how old these noisemakers are, I found them in a box of my mom's stuff....
I think the one looks like Carmen Miranda....and how much fun is the couple having!

I had a quiet evening, dinner and a movie I'd taped earlier but hadn't had time to of my Christmas favorites....Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwyck as the Martha Stewart of the 1940's...well sort of a pretend Martha Stewart .......the excitement of the evening was calming down my two pooches when neighbors set off firecrackers at midnight.

I know a lot of folks pick a word for the year.....I have never done that....but this year if I was going to choose a word it would be......


My plan for 2014 is to make time for myself.......spending more time at the YMCA working out, and joining weight watchers.

I'm also planning on taking a beginning quilting class....I consider myself to be sort of a beginner and a half quilter....I have a few weakness when it comes to quilting...I tend to feel rushed, I need to be a better cutter, and I need help with sewing triangles, my points are always just a little off....I'm a visual learner and thought a class would be helpful.

It is funny how the start of a new year makes me feel....a bit like I have a new opportunity to start fresh!

Cheers to a wonderful and exciting 2014!!