Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spinning My Wheels!

Like many of the gals in blogland, I was excited to see that Deb, who blogs at Garage Sale Gal was hosting a Halloween Spoolie Swap.

The due date to mail the Spoolies is October 1st.....

And like usual I can't seem to get started!

I head upstairs to my craft room and start pulling out Halloween supplies.....

And then I looked at what I had and thought, I need to find my small that requires pulling down the Halloween tote from the garage.....a task not for the faint of heart and definitely not something to attempt without someone spotting you on the ladder!

Sooooo, now I wait for someone to come home and help me....and I waited, and waited......
after waiting for what seems foorreevver......

I head back upstairs to see what else I can pull out of my totes......and then I realize that they really need to be I'm sorting through the Halloween totes...

And then I find a little Halloween project that I worked on last year. 

This is a Halloween pillowcase......I finished two last year.  I have three pillowcases started and will finish them this year......

Now I switch out the thread in the sewing machine and sort through my tash looking for a fabric suitable for the backing........ and start sewing....

One plus that came from sorting through my stuff....
I found my box of embroidery floss that I had been looking for all week!

On the downside........

I still need to put my Spoolie idea into action!!

Oh well, I still have the weekend!!!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Old MacDonald Had A Farm!

And on Sunday mornings Mr. Math and I visit the farm...we are up and out by 7 am....... 

We get breakfast at our favorite pancake house and then we head to.....

the farm.....

Old MacDonald's Farm!

It's a local farmers is located in a converted McDonald's restaurant! 

Pretty clever!

We pick up the produce for the week at Old MacDonald's.

Asparagus, avocados and ripe tomatoes!

Love the colors of the Bell Peppers!

This display makes me think of the tropics!!

I have never thought of myself as a creature of habit....someone that does exactly the same thing, on the same day, almost at the same time, but I am! Mr. Math and I joke it's like the movie Ground Hog day! I love our Sunday routine......The last eight weeks I've done a lot of traveling.......and I find that I miss my Sunday mornings with Mr. Math.

Do you have any routines that you have grown to love?


Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'm Off!

First I'm headed to

Reno, Lake Tahoe to visit daughter number 4,
the weather should  be perfect!!!

and tomorrow I fly from Reno

to spend the week with 

Miss Margaret

 before Miss Margaret moves to

This Nana is so very excited to have Miss M and her Mom and Dad moving closer to California!

Enjoy the weekend!!!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Just What I Was Looking For!!!

Last weekend while looking at CraigsList for estate and garage sales I saw a listing for what seemed be a private estate sale.

This listing shared pictures of what was for I scrolled through the pictures I saw something that I had always wanted to add to my backyard paradise.......two vintage white rod iron chaise lounge chairs with side tables!

And they came with cutest yellow and white polka dot vinyl pads!! 

Insert happy face here!!!

And it was one week away from pay day!  

Insert sad face here!

No reason to even go look.....why torture myself.

Well, this Friday during my lunch break I was looking on CraigsList and the ad for the same estate sale was there.... again.....however, it had already ended. Apparently it was a Friday morning sale.

I sent an email asking if the chaise lounge chairs were still available. She replied she had one left. It included a side table as well. And she replied if I was interested be at her home Saturday morning by 10:00am! 

"Don't be late, I have very little time before the moving truck shows up"

I called my daughter and told her I needed her muscle and her car....a stop at Starbucks was payment for her help!

This is what we brought home!!

It wasn't a steal, but it was reasonably priced....I was happy to spend $60.00 dollars for the lot. Compared to what a new chaise lounge, pad and a side table would cost at Home Depot or Lowe's, I guess maybe it was a steal!! I can never get over how much chair pads for outdoor furniture cost!!

I love patio furniture and of course the more vintage it is the better I like it!!! I have always wanted a white rod iron chaise lounge chair!!

Maybe because I have always loved this picture!

My Mom and Dad poolside at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, 1959!

I came home from this estate sale with one more thing......offered to me for free!

A patio table! Mr. Math just looked at me! Another one???

But it was free! I couldn't say no!

The glass top needs to be cleaned up and then I need to search for chairs!

Has anyone ever spray painted the white plastic lawn chairs?