Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spinning My Wheels!

Like many of the gals in blogland, I was excited to see that Deb, who blogs at Garage Sale Gal was hosting a Halloween Spoolie Swap.

The due date to mail the Spoolies is October 1st.....

And like usual I can't seem to get started!

I head upstairs to my craft room and start pulling out Halloween supplies.....

And then I looked at what I had and thought, I need to find my small that requires pulling down the Halloween tote from the garage.....a task not for the faint of heart and definitely not something to attempt without someone spotting you on the ladder!

Sooooo, now I wait for someone to come home and help me....and I waited, and waited......
after waiting for what seems foorreevver......

I head back upstairs to see what else I can pull out of my totes......and then I realize that they really need to be I'm sorting through the Halloween totes...

And then I find a little Halloween project that I worked on last year. 

This is a Halloween pillowcase......I finished two last year.  I have three pillowcases started and will finish them this year......

Now I switch out the thread in the sewing machine and sort through my tash looking for a fabric suitable for the backing........ and start sewing....

One plus that came from sorting through my stuff....
I found my box of embroidery floss that I had been looking for all week!

On the downside........

I still need to put my Spoolie idea into action!!

Oh well, I still have the weekend!!!



  1. Love your pillow cases. I wish I enjoyed sewing. I can totally relate to get side-tracked. My husband calls me the mad scientist when it comes to crafting. I have one project in mind and then I find long lost supplies from something else and decide to work on that project, forgetting to get back to the original project. I think I always have 3 projects going on at the same time ALL the time.

    Have fun creating! Halloween hugs!

  2. Oh - that is funny. I do the same thing. I get an idea, go to get started, realize I need something, or need help, wait, start something else, get inspired to straighten up, get sidetracked.... Can't wait to see what you get done this weekend!

  3. Like Kim I have several projects in the works at all! Sometimes I do what I call the "fifteen minute hustle" 15 for my blog then 15 for painting spools then 15 for making the bed and other chores then 15 for making rosettes...etc. I keep everything out and rotate through the morning. It's amazing how much I can get down if my daughter doesn't call and kill my momentum! =D

  4. I'm laughing we start on one project and off we go to another one! I love that Halloween tote!!


  5. DITTO! Halloween totes are in the garage. I need stuff from them but I'm not ready to add more clutter to my crafting area. I need to finish what I've started there first...a batch of Santa's!
    I love your pillow case so much!
    Erica :)

  6. Looks like you have a good start in front of you!! :) Love your pretty pillow case too! Can't wait to see your spoolies!! :) Happy crafting! xo Holly

  7. Ha, I know just how that train of thought works! I get sidetracked all the time when I'm being creative...

  8. I always have more than one project going at a time, and I even seem to start more! It never ends, but it's fun! Looking forward to seeing your spoolie! xo Heather

  9. That is such a cute pillow! I always have a million ideas in my head and not enough time to make them. And then when I do find the time, I have a hard time not working on three or four projects at once.

  10. I am so with you! But I have run out of time! Must quit getting ideas and produce results. :) Love your pillows and we can spin out together! (At this point I'm not even sure if my comments make sense. LOL)

  11. Love your Halloween pillowcases! Sure can relate to getting sidetracked. That's my specialty for sure! Like that 15 minute hustle idea - might have to try that!
    xo Jane

  12. Love your Halloween pillowcases! Sure can relate to getting sidetracked. That's my specialty for sure! Like that 15 minute hustle idea - might have to try that!
    xo Jane