Sunday, October 20, 2013

Go To Gifts!!

When the invitation came in the mail inviting me to a baby shower, it wasn't too hard to come up with gift ideas.

I always bring the same things to baby showers!

The first gift is a dozen socks!

I spray paint an egg carton, pink or  blue if I know the sex of the baby, or yellow or green if I don't.

And then I fill the egg carton with socks!

I place a small piece of tissue paper in each egg holder, to keep the paint off of the socks.

I never buy socks for newborns, even though they have to be the cutest thing around, we all know if they do fit, they don't fit for long.

Once the socks are added to the carton, I tie it up! I used white tulle this time and used the extra socks as a bow!

The second gift I took was a vintage planter filled with wash cloths and baby shampoo, and lotions

I always bring a gift for the mom to be too! Years ago when I had my first baby, a family friend gave me a new bathrobe and slippers at my baby shower. I loved that I got a gift too and decided then to "borrow" the idea.

So, for this new mom to be, I bought a pair of blue slippers.... if you haven't guessed.... she's having a boy, and a few pairs of blue socks that have Aloe Vera in them.

This baby's room has a jungle theme, and the mama has a special love of Elephants. 

 After looking at such amazing Halloween Spoolies on the blogs lately, I decided to make an Elephant Spoolie....I really wanted to have the Elephant hold the umbrella in her trunk, but her trunk just wasn't strong enough!

Do you have any go to gifts that you always take or make for certain occasions?? 

Oh, don't forget to sign up here for my Halloween pillow give away. Today's the last day to sign up, I will draw a winner tonight!!!



  1. What a great bunch of gifts. That elephant spoolie is so cute. Socks are a great idea to give. Esp. if it isn't the first baby. I always like to give new bibs if it isn't the first baby. Love the vintage planter. Now what do you give for weddings. I have one coming up this week-end.

  2. I think the elephant is the cutest spoolie ever! How creative to use the spools that way. Just love it! I might steal your "socks" gift idea, that is a super baby gift. :) Pam

  3. Great stuff Chris !! Very creative and fun !


  4. Those are all really great ideas! My go to gift is a baby quilt. Surprise, surprise.... ;)

  5. What great baby gifts...Now that you mention it, I remember I got a battery operated nail grooming kit from someone at my baby shower and I loved it..I could not tell you any other gifts I received though lol!


  6. Love the sock idea Chris! I might have to steal that one! You really made such a cute spoolie with the elephant. I bet they will love putting it in the nursery.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Erica :)

  7. Hadn't thought of socks, but now I will. So cute in the painted egg carton! Nice to take something for the mom too. I usually take a little gift for the older sibling as well. Your elephant spoolie is darling!
    xo Jane

  8. great ideas Chris. I especially like the carton so socks! I bet she loved all the gifts!
    have a great week!

  9. Oh what a cute idea! I have never seen egg cartons used in such a precious way! Love the elephant spoolie:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. What great ideas for a baby shower! Your elephant is too precious! And how sweet to give the mom-to-be a gift too :)

  11. These are wonderful gifts for a baby shower! Great to remember the mom-to-be, too! It's funny. We could never get socks that would stay on our children's feet - at any age.:-)

  12. Such great gift ideas and creative too!! Love the vintage planter and your elephant spoolie is soooo cute!! How thoughtful of you for a gift to the mom to be!! :) Happy new week! xo Holly

  13. What a lucky baby and mother! I love that elephant spoolie! Great ideas. If I was having a baby (yikes! what a thought), I'd be sure you were invited to the shower. laurie

  14. I just love personalized gifts! That loaded up vintage planter is such a fun idea! Great ideas!

  15. All so darling and I love the elephant and vintage planter!! Too cute! xo Heather