Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Little, Two Little, Three Little, Witches.......

Well, not three little witches, but one little witch that I love!

Three years ago, I started working on a project, a Halloween Quilt......

and now I'm finishing it!

Better late than never right???

The pattern calls out for 13 rows of Halloween images.......

I decided to do 8 rows of Halloween images and skip adding the word Halloween.

The spider legs are ric rac and the eyes are those little jiggling eyes. After I did that row I decided that any embellishments would be added after I had it quilted! Not sure how the eyes will handle a long arm running over and around them.....I was thinking about taking them off before quilting....we'll see.

The instructions said you could use Wonder-Under, or applique the pieces on the fabric strips......I, of course choose Wonder-Under.....I love Wonder-Under!

I also used different zig - zag stitches to make sure the pieces stayed on the quilt!

The finished top without the borders. I need to trim up the edges and pick out fabric for the borders and the backing.

Isn't that what the long weekend is for?

Not sure I like the wider pieces of fabric between the rows, the narrower pieces seem to appeal to me more.
I may have to rip it out and change it....I'll have to see how I feel about this weekend.

Have you started working on any Halloween projects?



  1. love this. you know Im a halloween fanatic! I havent made anything halloweenish yet.. but boy do I have ideas brewing!
    have a great weekend!

  2. This looks great! There is so much fun Halloween fabric out there that you should have an easy time finding border. I would take the eyes off, most long-arm quilters won't want them on. They are so cute, though! I love, love the ric rac spider legs! Maybe on the wide black strip you could add candy corn or something.

  3. This is so cute. And the details--wow!

  4. Great job Chris !


  5. That is too cute! You have so many talents. Love all of the details on this quilt. laurie

  6. It's adorable! I like the wide strips....And hum about the eyes, we'll see! What a great project and me...Nope, no Halloween projects yet!


  7. Aww, super cute Chris!! xo Heather

  8. So cute Chris!! I like the spiders with ric rac! :) But all very Adorable!! Wishing you a lovely long weekend! xo Holly

  9. Squeal! I love this!! Halloween hugs!!

  10. Hello there Chris!!! I have to say I love your quilt! It would take me much longer to finishing something like this! I've started a quilt and it's packed away right now, so who knows when I'll get back to working on it LOL! Happy to meet you and to be your partner for the Spoolie Swap ~ My email is whenever you get a chance ... Judi

  11. Hi Chris, Happy to see you follow me:) Love that sweet quilt! I am not quite ready to bring out the Halloween stuff yet:) Maybe when it cools off a bit! Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by to see me! HUGS!

  12. Hi Chris,
    This little Halloween project is similar to mine! Isn't it fun! Well, as a sewer, you know it isn't always "fun" if your machine is acting up or you can't get something to come out right. By you are right on target with this piece. I'm glad you found my blog and I'll become a follower of yours too. Have a lovely Labor Day weekend.