Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Of My Favorite Things........

Is watering the garden early in the morning.. Some mornings, and today is one of those mornings, I am able to smell the garlic that grows about 30 miles away in Gilroy California. Gilroy is home to the Garlic Festival held every July.

Gilroy_Garlic_Festival_2010_mascot.jpg (1712×2560)

The mornings are cool and a little over cast.  It's quite outside, a few birds just starting to wake up.

roses waiting for the next bloom

late planted tomatoes, one Cherry, one Beefsteak

my leaky $2.00 bird bath...I  love it even though it leaks and have added another great find....a $1.00 Koi Fish garden statue

the front porch still proudly showing off for the 4th of July

I'm off to breakfast with friends, and then to the Santa Clara County Fair! We are going to watch the local 4-H group display their pigs!

Happy Sunday!!



  1. Oh, the quiet of the morning is wonderful! Your gardens are lovely. Have fun at the fair!

  2. Your garden and flowers are very pretty. Have fun at the fair!

  3. I should see if my roses are going to bloom again! Cute new "fish"!

  4. Early mornings are the best way to enjoy the blooms. Still love your front porch. Such a lovely place to greet your guests. Have a good week ahead!

  5. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the morning!! Oh, I have always wanted to go to the Garlic Festival!! Pretty front porch! Happy new week Chris! xo Heather

  6. Such pretty decorations. I've heard about the garlic festival-sounds like a really fun day. Hope you had fun!

  7. How lovely! I love taking a nice walk around my flowers and plants in the morning too! Your porch is so pretty too! Happy new week! xo Holly

  8. County Fair - what fun! Enjoyed your tour of yard & porch!
    XO Jane

  9. We're getting ready for our big county fair. We set up in September and the fair starts in October. Your gardens look so pretty. Do you ever roast your tomatoes? That's my favorite way to eat them - all bursting with deliciousness.