Monday, August 12, 2013

Can You Ever Have Too Many.......

Linen napkins??

Linen napkins are one thing I just can't pass up at flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, or any other kind of sale!


Red, White and Blue for the 4th of July, red for Valentine's Day, or Christmas

Golds, and Browns for Autumn events

Christmas of course!

Hors d'oeuvres napkins for the holidays

Solids for any occasion

The print napkins are some of my favorites!!  I use the Polka Dot ones a lot!! They seem to go with just about everything!

You've got to love the napkins from the 60's, designed by Vera!!

I buy any napkins in good condition, meaning little or no staining. I try not to spend more than .50 cents to a  $1.00 a piece, know how it goes....sometimes I spend a little bit more...if I just can't pass them by. Often the napkins are bundled together as a set and you can get a set for $2.00 or $3.00. The napkins by Vera are usually more.....I feel like I'm doing well to pick up a set of Vera's for $3.00!

Do you have a favorite item that you just can't pass up at the sales?



  1. A woman after my own heart not being able to pass something she collects (and uses) by!
    Don't get me started on what I have trouble passing by...

  2. I can't pass up HANKIES for sure, tea towels, doilies and other linens!

  3. Wow! You have such a great collection! What a way to always make sure your table settings look nice.
    Well of course, you know I can't pass up vintage x-mas EVER!!! lol
    Erica :)

  4. Ooh, I have linen napkin envy - what a lovely collection. I usually cannot walk past or away from anything with hearts, gingham or polka dots!

  5. That is such a lovely collection! I can never pass up flags at sales. (But maybe you could guess that?)

  6. Such a pretty collection. Your Vera pattern is just so lovely. I definitely have lots of things I have a hard time passing by lately.

  7. Hi Chris, thank you for your kind words on my post this morning! :) My what a very pretty collection of napkins you have! Love the aqua and red/pink flower ones. I'm a sucker for vintage linens, china, and cards! So hard to pass up, but since I came upon a large lot of vintage cards (a couple months ago) I might be good for a little while.... at least :) Wishing you a lovely Tuesday! xo Holly

  8. I have a hard time letting Pyrex pass me by. But I also love pillow slips. =)

  9. Now, that is a pretty collection! I hate to hide the linens so I'm constantly trying to find new ways to display them so they aren't in the drawer. Of course there's a tea party right around any given corner!

  10. That's a lotta' napkins girlfriend, but then I seem to always have too many, too. I've always celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with as many family members as possible, so I've had to have up to 30 matching napkins.


  11. Such a pretty collection!! My weakness hankies and crocheted pot holders! xo Heather

  12. Lots of napkins - and such pretty colors & patterns! I might have a few Vera's for you - part of my 'clearing out' plan!
    xo Jane

  13. Look how organized you are, with all the different types of napkins sorted into their own boxes! Mine are all stuck in one drawer. I love the blue checks and the christmas designs and the Veras.

  14. I only use cloth napkins! I started doing that as my little contribution to the environment when Worker Bee and I first got married and since we bought our house, I hardly ever use paper. I love your collection. I haven't bought very many vintage though - usually all I find are the damask ones. They are pretty, but just a little too elegant. Although.....wouldn't they be fun with a wicker charger and some rustic ironstone?

    Do you use them every day?

  15. Lovely vintage linen napkins! I also love the polka dots and rose/aqua ones!
    Thanks for checking out my blog!
    xoxo happy holiday weekend!