Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some Pig!!

Sunday I went to the Santa Clara County Fair to support a friend's daughter who participates in the local 4-H project. 

I'm sure many of you are familiar with 4-H projects....the kids raise an animal from birth and finish the project by showing their animal at the county fair. They learn to budget and plan for caring for their animals, as well as showmanship. 

How sweet is this little guy??? 

Yes, he was named after the royal baby!!

There were piglets born at the fair too.... a bakers dozen!

We finally found the pig we had come to see.....

Meet Philly!

The pigs are huge!! Philly weighed in at about 285 pounds!

I wonder if they have Weight Watchers for farm animals!  Philly might think about joining!!!



  1. I hope I don't end up eating Philly someday! He is one handsome pig. Loved 4H when I was a kid and went to see the exhibits- xo Diana

  2. I love fairs and all the exhibits! I was in 4-H too, although I didn't live on a farm and so I didn't raise animals. I remember my friends who did, though, and how tough it was on them when their animal ended up in the freezer! Seriously! It was fairly traumatic, but a hard lesson in the way of things. As for "Philly" I would have to say that he is quite "Humble" and "Terrific" as well!

  3. How amazing are those baby animals! That is definitely one handsome pig. Josie would be in love with him.

  4. Such sweet pics (and piggies!) and what a great idea.

  5. I love the fair - and it's just not a good county fair if it doesn't have a livestock building! Hope your friend's daughter got top dollar for her piggie.

    Also, I'm so slow on the draw, but I have a giveaway package I need to send to you - but I can't seem to find your email address and I don't think you got one I sent you 'cause I see you have no-reply on comments you've left for me. So....please email your address so I can get this off before school starts. (sweetbeecottage@gmail.com)

    Thanks! Be sure to get some cotton candy, a caramel apple, a corn dog, some funnel cakes, a bit of gelato and then......something for your tummy ache.

  6. I always look for the mother pigs and babies at the fair. So this is where you were rather than Alameda...perfect to hit the fair and support your friend's daughter too!

  7. Aw they all looks so sweet and those babies are too cute! I just loved fair week, when my sis and I were in it with our horses. Those were some of the best memories made :) And by far the best week out of the year!! :) Happy day to you! xo Holly

  8. So cute when they're little, especially the calf, just darling!

  9. I didnt make it to our county fair this year. I thought about taking Torry, but I guess we just got involved other wise. I do love see all the animals at the fair.. and to eat fair foods! lol! which are definitely high in ww points!
    happy Wednesday!

  10. What a pretty piggy.........that's a lotta' bacon! Looks like you had fun, and that calf is adorable.


  11. That little calf is the sweetest!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  12. The baby animals are always adorable. As an old farm girl I think this is the way all farm animals should be raised and taken care of.

  13. Wow! He is HUGE! I love to go to the Fair in the Fall! Just seems like the most fun part of Fall! Hugs!