Monday, August 26, 2013

Wiser In My Old Age!!

I can't believe I'm actually using the phase "My Old Age"! Yikes when did that happen???

The only estate sales this weekend were hosted by companies whose prices are ALWAYS way to high!


I decided not to even go!

Why bother.....I never come home with anything, and it upsets me that they actually have the nerve to ask such high prices.  These are these sales that when you go on the last day the prices are still too high.

You'd think they'd learn...the last day they always have lots of items left to choose from....

Wonder why???

Any who.......

I did visit one garage sale and come home with a few things that didn't give me buyers remorse.

Faux wood and geese for the men

And aqua and black for the ladies!

8 of the Coronet trays and 8 of the aqua and black trays.....
Just the best colors!!

This family must have loved to host cocktail parties or eat off trays!

I can always use another tea pot and you've gotta love the pansies!

Not vintage but I sure can use these as fill ins when making another vintage ornament wreath!

Yeap, no  buyers remorse when you spend $6.00!

Right up my alley!!!!

Happy Monday!!!



  1. Oh, those trays are so pretty!!! Happy Monday and week! xo Heather

  2. I couldn't agree more with you on high prices at estate sales. Some companies we've learned to simply avoid because they are so outrageous. Love your treasures. Your pansies teapot is darling.

  3. That tea pot is very pretty!

    I used to be jealous of the estate sale goers but I've heard so many sad stories of high prices, waiting forever and rude people that I think I'll just stick to the thrift shops! ♥

  4. Chris- You did good! Love it when you find bargains and it's things you can really use- xo Diana

  5. Flea markets close to the Metropolitan area now are too high priced too. All the people who own Occasional Sale shops all buy at the fleas so now the deals are dwindling. I seem to find the rare piece that is still cheap at the thrift store now and again, enough to keep me going back.

  6. Pretty aqua trays! Hubby and I just sold at a local flea market! One just has to be there EARLY for deals! (in comment to Tammy's) There is still lots of STUFF! Of course things are changing!

    Thanks for joining my swap!

  7. Ha, it is the same here in Orlando...We never go to CeCe's estate sales...Way to expensive, like you said, even on the last day! You cleaned up with the great trays though!


  8. I know exactly what you're talking about. I always wonder if those companies want to keep the stuff themselves. They probably tell the owner they are sorry not much was sold, but they are willing to pay something for everything that is left, and then take it to auction, or somewhere else, and get a profit. What great finds at the garage sale. Those trays are so neat, and what a pretty tea pot. Yep! Much better bargains than you would have found at an estate sale. laurie

  9. I hear you loud and clear!! I went to a Goodwill in another state and they were asking $24 for a pyrex bowl! What???