Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Season at the Xavier Ct House.

The last few weeks most of the blogs I follow are sharing their Easter decorations. At the Xavier Ct House, the Easter decorating does not start until early Easter morning or late Easter Eve.

Once I had my own place, I continued a tradition that I grew up with...celebrating the Lenten Season.

For Christians Lent is a season of self-examination, fasting, and penance in preparation of our Easter day celebration. Lent is the 40 days prior to Easter day. These 40 days are based on two Biblical accounts... 40 years of wilderness wandering by the Israelites and our Lord's 40 days in the wilderness at which point he was tempted by Satan.

When I moved out of my parents house, I inherited my family's Easter Tree. A simple, barren, branch that my Dad painted. I "plant" it in a pot, supported by rock.

Easter Eve or early Easter morning I will bring out the Easter tote, filled with Easter decorations. My girl's Easter baskets, and special decorations that have been made and collected over the years, fill this tote.

Packed away very carefully in this tote, are the Easter eggs my Dad lovingly painted to hang on our barren branch Easter morning. Once the eggs were hung on the Easter Tree, it became a symbol of new life.

I treasure these eggs and look forward to hanging them on my Easter Tree.



  1. What a wonderful idea! I hadn't thought of it that way, but I really like that. I might just have to adopt that for our family.