Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All By Myself!!!

This past Saturday I went shopping at our local flea market. I went by myself, my Flea Market Friends could not go this weekend. I was really missing my Flea Market Friends....but I decided to pick up my favorite Starbucks and head out. When I got to the Flea Market and opened the trunk of the car, I realized someone had taken my cart out... thank goodness I had a shopping bag in my car. I was wondering what kind of morning I was going to have at the market....Was it an omen? What was to come?

Well... what came was..

Box full of vintage Little Golden Books and a few other books was the first find of the day...

My favorite Little Golden Book in the box...

It has great vintage images

Vintage boxes that I just can't seem to pass up.. I will use them for storage in the crafting room.

Honeycomb bunnies and little chicks...

And of course, something for Mr. Math...found in the bottom of the box full of the Little Golden Books....

Mr. Math loves Bat Masterson, as a young boy he used to pretend he was Bat Masterson... this book now sits proudly on a shelf in Mr. Math's man cave!!

It was a great day at the market...even if I was All By Myself!



  1. Very cute! (:

    Check out my blog & follow? (:

  2. The book collecting started with my first grandkid...shoot me an email will you? I'd like to chat!


  3. WOW! Great stuff you found. Love those old books and especially the Bat Materson book. Loved watching that show. One Christmas my 2 brothers and I got Bat Masterson canes and other items. YES! I was somewhat a tomboy when I was little BUT I got dolls and girly things to. :-) Loved my dolls.

    I got your Tag in the mail yesterday. The package was in really bad shape but the tag survived ok. The package looked like it had been ran over by a truck and stuck in a machine. Just had to glue down the lace and the paper pieces. They weren't hurt at all, just lifted up a little. To look at the package you would think it would have been torn up BUT IT WASN'T Thank Goodness. I LOVE IT! THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I remember seeing it on your blog and I really thought it was great. Now it's mine. WOOHOO11 You are so sweet to send it to me. THANK YOU!

  4. Hey! Great finds! I see the book has paper dolls, gee, that is so fun! You know I go places by myself all the time. It's not as fun, but sometimes more productive. You have the cutest blog. I am following you now! Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words!

  5. These are such lovely vintage treasures!! Love the books!! Have a great day!! ;) xo Heather

  6. Hello!
    Thank You so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! I'm now following you :)

    What a wonderful assortment of books you found, I also love vintage children's books! The graphics are always so fun....

    Have a blessed day!

  7. Good finds. I would have been a sucker for those empty boxes too..those graphics just can't be matched!

  8. Wow! You found some beauties! You're never lonely if you have a latte with you! Glad you went.

  9. Oh I adore those vintage boxes and Easter delights!

  10. Great finds! The graphics on those vintage boxes are just wonderful, and I love Little Golden Books. That paper doll one is a real treasure. How nice that you also came home with something for the Mr. laurie

  11. Oh my gosh, i LOVE those paperdoll books!!!!

  12. You found some good things even though you had to go All By Yourself! Love the fuzzy chicks, and all the rest, even the (slightly) scary little bunnies :) The little book of paper dolls is the best treasure of all - love paper dolls!
    xoxo Jane