Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More DG!

Many people who collect Depression Glass, collect a pattern called Mayfair, "Open Rose". It was produced by Hocking Glass Co. between the years 1931-1937. It was produced in ice blue, pink, yellow, crystal, and some green. Yellow and green are considered the most difficult colors to find in the Mayfair pattern. Pink Mayfair, is the most universally owned pattern of any in Depression glass! Rare pieces include any piece in green or yellow, with the exception of the 11 3/4" low flat bowl, and the 12" deep scalloped fruit buttter dish and cover or the 7" covered vegetable bowl.

If you bought cookies at the store, you got a cookie jar; if you sent in a coupon from soap, you got a hat shaped bowl. The local hardware stores sold it, as well as the five and dime; movie houses gave away a piece each week if you bought a ticket for the show. Gas stations gave it away too, with the purchase of so many gallons.

The cooke jar in green and pink, and the whiskey glass in green, pink, ice blue, and cobalt have been reproduced. So if you come across a cookie jar in green or pink, or the whiskey glass in green, pink, ice blue or cobalt, be a little suspicious.

I only have a couple of pieces of Mayfair, in ice blue. I have a cup and saucer and a biscuit or cookie jar. No lid however. My mom loved blue!! She did not care what pattern it was... if it was blue she brought it home!

Happy DG Hunting!



  1. I remember those dishes. My mother had lots of them. I remember when you got dishes out of oatmeal. As a kid we thought that was great to open up a box and find dishes and other neat stuff.
    I LOST 3 pounds when I went to WW meeting this morning. WOOHOO!! How did you do?

  2. This is such a beautiful blue!! I am such a fan of Depression glass! I am your newest follower!! xo Heather

  3. It's beautiful! My Mom had some orange colored serving pieces she called Depression Glass; I'd never seen the blue before!