Monday, April 30, 2012

A Project Off My List!

When I participate in a Tag or ATC swap, I always make a prototype. It's usually a simple version of what I eventually end up with.

Yesterday, I decided I needed a place to keep the prototypes.

I had an old picture frame that at one time held a painting that my Grandper did....

I used a staple gun to secure chicken wire to the back of the picture frame
and hung it on the wall in my craft room. I used some small plastic clothespins to hang some of the tags and ribbon to hang the rest.

The tag in the middle with the 3 young ladies was sent to me recently by my blogging friend, Tammy who blogs at Tammy's in Love, and the angel on the corner was given to me by one of my flea market friends. The rest are prototypes of tags I have made.

I decided if I tried to display all of the tags I've received it would be a little I will continue to display them by season or theme.

It was an easy project, and one I'd been meaning to do for quite sometime....

So glad I finally got around to it!!!



  1. Well 'chicky' that is one fun display idea there! Can't wait to see it full!


  2. I have always wanted to do this with chicken wire!! On my list of projects to do!! Love yours!! So fun!! xo Heather

  3. what a great idea chris. I keep seeing a frame with several pieces of wire strung across it with little clothes pins on the wires at pier one and whenever I see it, I think, I can make that! but I think I like the chicken wire idea just as well. hmmmmm.... inspiration!
    happy cay!

  4. This is so cute and what a great idea! I have been making tags but I hadn't decided how to display them. I'm going to try this. I am now following YOU! :)


  5. Oh yes, great idea. I have "prototypes" too and they need a place to go. This will be it. Thanks for following me - I am following you back.

  6. Such a cute idea! Love it!
    Happy May Day!
    xoxo Jane

  7. What a smart and attractive way to display your work! laurie