Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grab A Plate!!

Years ago at an estate sale, I came across a couple of chicken feeders. I thought they looked like fun, of course, they were reasonable in price, so I brought them home.

The first thing that came to mind...a planter for herbs.... and then in looking at the feeder I thought perhaps a little shallow for a planter.

I have a difficult time passing up plates at garage sales... chipped or not, big or little, I can't pass up a plate. 


Plate holders on the fence!! It did not matter if the plates were chipped or not.

I'm linky up to Share Your Cup at Have a Daily Cup from Mrs. Olson

Dessert anyone?



  1. Really love that idea. I've also used chipped plates in the flower garden as a boarder!

  2. So cute! What a fun outdoor display. Love the galvanized/zinc look too.

    PS- some friendly advice =)

  3. I will grab the top three plates, please!! So beautiful!!! xo Heather

  4. I just used a couple of chicken feeders on the fence and planted them with hens and chicks. Great use as plate holders! Love the galvanized look...

  5. Love it! What a cute way to bring some fun into the garden. I have one long one that I plant with Portulaca or Impatiens those seem to do okay. Wish my fence wasn't vinyl and I would surely love to do this great idea! Thanks so much for sharing with Share Your Cup Thursday.

  6. The plates look beautiful.
    You asked how tall cranes are. I would guess about 3 foot tall.

  7. What a cute idea! My mother used to raise chickens here - for eggs & eating - so I've seen those feeders in use for chickens too. I think maybe the pretty plates make them a bit more attractive! Looks so cute on your fence!

  8. Chris I love what you did with the chicken feeders. PERFECT!!!! Thank you so much for visiting Take Six. I am following you too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Great idea. I collect chipped plates for making mosaics but this is a great idea to brighten up the garden.

  10. I love your plates.. I too love plates they are all over my house. Roses, them. enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your inspirations.
    I hope if you get a chance you could come over and see me. I am new to blogging and would love your visit.

  11. They look so cute in, are those planters?
    cute cute!