Saturday, April 14, 2012

Successful Detective Work!!

About four months ago, Flea Market Friend and I were at our local flea market.... we found two antique wicker chairs. We were in love!

In speaking with Sharon the vendor, we found out that she was bunko friends with Flea Market Friend's sister-in-law. Flea Market Friend's sister-in-law, had moved out of the area years ago, but this vendor remembered her like it was yesterday. We sat in the chairs and tried to picture them in our homes. We thought they were too big and we knew they were too expensive. We took Sharon's phone number, just in case. After a month or so, Flea Market Friend called and said, I'm throwing her number away OK? I said yes go ahead. She tossed it.

I have often thought about those chairs.

Last week I went to the Flea Market by myself. As I was walking around I recognized Sharon. This time she was a shopper. I asked her if she still had the chairs and she said yes. I gave her my number and she said she'd call me in a week or so.

Sharon phoned my cell and I told her I would like to come take a look at the chairs on Saturday but needed to confirm my schedule at home.....I would call her back. When I tried to call her back the number did not work.... it was a record message!! From some business wanting me to buy a cruise! Not the person I was looking for.

Now I was in a panic... of course I wanted the chairs and I could not get a hold of Sharon. I did not know if she would call me back.....


I called Flea Market Friend to see if she still had the phone number.. Nope, she had really tossed it out! She said she had an idea...she'd call her sister-in-law to see if she still had Sharon's number.

Flea Market Friend called and said... Success!! Sister-in-law had a number...wasn't sure if Sharon still had the same number as years ago, but it was worth a try.

It worked! Flea Market Friend had found a number that worked!!

I borrowed a truck and went over this morning and picked them up. Sharon told me she traded sewing for the chairs 40 plus years ago when she lived in Minnesota. The neighbor that she traded with said that the chairs had been in his wife's family for years. Sharon thinks they are about 70 years old or so. One is a rocker and one is not. They have great cushions! And on one side of each chair is a place for your newspaper or magazines!

And she came down in price too!!

I am not sure if I will keep them outside for the summer or use them in the house. They are very comfortable!

I'm so happy that Flea Market Friend is such a good detective!!



  1. The lengths we go to for a good chair. Was meant to be....they are adorable.

  2. It was like reading a mystery getting thru that blog post! Finally, the happily ever after!


  3. Oh, these are so lovely! Loved the post!! Those have your name all over it, and I am sure you will get great use out of them!! They look comfy!! :) xo Heather

  4. Definetly worth all the detective work! Wonderful chairs! Love the floral cushions too!
    Thanks for your visit :]

  5. You definitely deserve those chairs, Chris, after all that work :) At first I thought you were going to say the vendor had bought them from your friend's sil - wouldn't that have been a hoot?! Enjoy them!
    xoxo Jane

  6. What divine chairs! Definitely worth the detective work!

  7. Great chairs! So glad they were still available! Will be so lovely to sit in this summer!

  8. I am really trying to be grown up about this - not sure I can - struggling with my jealousy - okay, I'm weak -

    I want those chairs! I love those chairs! They are in green! I love the wide arm rests and the little magazine/newspaper holder thingie. I want those chairs! (foot stamp) I want those chairs! (holding my breath now)

    Okay, pout over and I'm glad you found them - what an amazing story! Looking forward to seeing them on your blog with nice refreshing summery drinks awaiting you.

    Oh! I love the Depression Glass series idea. People don't seem to collect it like they used to but I won't ever give my pieces up. (I found a pink poinsettia oval platter at the thrift store for $10 - didn't buy it because I didn't think I would be able to sell it.)