Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The baby quilt is done.....

with two special squares added to the back...the hot pink and white flower is from a dress my mom, the girl's Grammy loved and wore every summer, and the clown fabric from a baby outfit Mr. Math's mom, the girl's grandmother made. A little something to remember two special ladies.
the table set with special favors for our special guests
And can you have a baby shower without a diaper cake and yummy mini bundt cakes?
the five aunties and women who are like sisters to me 
and daughters one through five!
All in all, a wonderful weekend!!
So much fun having the Xavier Ct. House full!!



  1. The quilt is so lovely and the patches on the back make is so very special. Such a thoughtful gift, I'm sure it will be treasured for years. Beautiful! Connie :)

  2. Chris, the baby quilt is beautiful!! Love all the colors, and the special patchwork on the back!! What a treasure to give!! The diaper cake is so cute!! Have a great day!! xo Heather

  3. A beautiful quilt and I love the special touch with the memory patches on the back.

  4. Making that quilt with the clothing of grandmothers and memories sewn in was such a loving gesture. I'm sure your daughter will love it for years and lifetimes to come! She is a lucky gal to have a Mom like you!


  5. Oh, Chris, the quilt is just lovely! What a treasure,made with love, and with those two special pieces on the back! That'll be a cherished family heirloom for sure! How wonderful that you could have all five daughters home for this special occasion!
    xoxo Jane

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