Monday, April 9, 2012

Chicks and a Little More......

Peeps of many colors grace the Xavier Ct house front door.....

a small urn with purple and white pansies on the porch

a simple bunny for the centerpiece

and the only Easter basket this girl has ever known

We had a wonderful Easter, celebrating with the family that daughter number 3 has taken care of for 7 years, and a close friend. There were 8 of us. We hid eggs for the two young children, 5 eggs each, with one super egg, stuffed with a little folding money. Thank goodness they are still young enough to be thrilled with a dollar! We hid them so well we still can't find one of the eggs... not the end of the world... it only held M&M's!



  1. How fun is the Peeps wreath!! So colorful!! Cute baskets, and hanky!! :) xo Heather

  2. LOVE Peeps! Your wreath is fantastic!!!
    Lucky you didn't hide real hard-boiled eggs and then forget where one was :)
    xoxo Jane