Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DG Lesson #2

Cameo, "Ballerina", or "Dancing Girl", is our lesson of the day. Cameo was produced by Hocking Glass Company between the years 1930 and 1934. It is considered one of the top three patterns that people collect. There are more unique and unsual pieces in Cameo than in any other pattern, making it difficult to collect a complete set.
Cameo was made in green, yellow, pink, and crystal with a silver rim. Most easy to find is green.  I only have one piece of Cameo in my collection. And it is a cookie or biscuit jar. This one comes with a lid...although it has a small flake on it.
The last few times I have posted about Depression Glass, I have shown cookie or biscuit jars. Over the years I have collected quite of few.  I use three in my bathroom to hold cotton balls, Q-Tips, and make-up pads.
The master bathroom in the Xavier Ct. House has very little counter space. The cookie or biscuit jars come in handy!!



  1. Love the table settings for the tea party. Your jars are so pretty. I have a very old cell phone that doesn't take photos...Congrat's on being a quest on Brenda's blog.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes.

  2. I love your pretty depression glass cookie jars! I have a pink Mayfair cookie jar (with no lid) that I often use as a flower vase. I'm really excited about the depression glass posts you are doing! When you have some spare time, stop by and see the glassware page (under my header), or see some of the glassware posts on my blog. It's so nice to find someone else who loves depression glass!

  3. I love how you always tell the history!! I love to learn it!! Your green Cameo is beautiful!! Love how you use such pretties in the bathroom!! Great idea!! :) xo Heather

  4. I love your glass cookie jars and what a great idea to use them in the bathroom. I made a display on my window sill yesterday with some green and blue glass - just waiting for the sun to come out now to show them off. Think I might have a long wait!