Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hello?? Calling All Creative People!

I need help!!

My parish, St. Tomas Of Canterbury is holding it's annual Ladies Tea, April 21st.

What this means to me as a hostess is that I'm responsible for decorating a table that seats 8 and need to provide everything from the centerpiece to the table covering. From the place settings, to small favors. Serving pieces to pitchers.

You are not responsible for the food or drink. That is all provided. They hold a kickoff meeting three months before and decide on the menu. Usually, tea sandwiches, mini quiches and some fruit. The desserts are finger size and served on a platter or perhaps a tierd dish provided by the hostess.

At the initial meeting, a theme is also decided. This year... Americiana.

The tables can be decorated anyway the hostess wants and I had few ideas.

Some things that say Americana to me.... quilts, ice cream, apple pie, baseball, Chevrolet. Chevrolet only because my uncle owned a LARGE Chevy dealorship for 40 years... can't go Ford, the famliy would disown me !!

Anyway.... I saw the chairwoman at Mass this past weekend and she asked it I had decided on my theme. I told her I was leaning toward quilts, and she said oh great, that's how we are decorating the hall.

My dilemma.. I don't want my table to be lost in a large hall filled with quilts, I want my table to stand out.

This is were I'm reaching out to my creative blog friends. If you have any ideas, please email me or leave a comment.

With all of your help I know my table will be a big hit!!

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  1. Of course I have ideas! My friend and I do table settings as competition for the county fair every year. What about an American Farmhouse look? You could use tea towels as napkins, vintage pottery or Depression glass for the place settings, etc. OR you could go with a diner theme - chrome and blue. Looking for more ideas? Email me and I can come up with some more. What kind of dishes do you have to work with??? Ooooooo! I'm excited for you! I would love to do something like that. :)