Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All That's Left Is The Pattern!

Daughter number 3 and I went to the fabric store to select the fabric for a special quilt. A quilt for my first grandbaby! Daughter number 1 and her husband are expecting a baby mid July. A little girl!

Daughter number 3 and I decided that we didn't want it to be too girly. And we decided that the back of the quilt would be the baby fabric. We haven't pick that fabric out yet. Once the top is done, we'll look for the backing fabric.

A few more fabrics I plan to work into the quilt.

Tomorrow I need to find a pattern for the quilt. The quilt will be crib size, not too big. Just the right size.

I am crossing my fingers that I can find a pattern that works with the fabric. If I can't find a pattern that works, I will design a pattern. Nothing fancy.

I can't wait to get started!!


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