Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Blue and White Vase

I stopped at a garage sale in my neighborhood this afternoon and picked up a little blue and white vase. Nothing fancy, just a little blue and white vase, with a rippled edge.

You know what happend next.... I asked how much, the woman said a dollar and I said sold.

I brought it home and realized I didn't have any flowers to put in it. I did not want to spend money on flowers, and I didn't think the yard had anything to offer.

I was wrong....

As I looked around the yard, I noticed my Rosemary bush was blooming.

I cut a few sprigs and put them in the vase.

I put The Blue and White Vase on a Blue and White Plate that I had, and Shazam!!!! A little color in the Xavier Ct. house for....

A Dollar!!! And the Rosemary smells wonderful!!

No need to run out and buy flowers for The Blue and White vase.

Something that I often forget to do... look around your house and yard to see if you don't have something you can use or repurpose.

I'm so glad that I took a look in the yard!

My thoughts and prayers to those in tornado country. I can't imagine.



  1. Isn't it such a feeling of satisfaction to use what you already have to make something beautiful? The rosemary looks just right in that cute vase.


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