Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Open House!!

I am proud to announce the showing of the houses I made for the ornament swap that Cindy at Rick, Rack and Gingham is hosting. Cindy had a few rules that needed to be followed... we were asked to make houses, representing the neighborhood of friends in blogland. In my last post, I mentioned how I decided on the style of house I would make. This post will show you how the buidling of the houses turned out.
I had them all glued and ready to decorate Friday night. I let them dry over night. My daughter Erin and I spent all day Saturday decorating the houses in our neighborhood. I thought about taking pictures during the the process of pasting, and cutting... but I decided I wasn't ready for the world to see what a mess we had made!!

The houses are waiting to be decorated. We used scrapbooking paper for the house. When shopping with the flea market friends, I can hardly pass up vintage cards. I was really glad I had them on hand for this project. I also downloaded vintage images from the internet to use. We edged the houses with rick, rack and glitter. The glitter was a little messy, but lots of fun to use!!

The houses are starting to take shape. They are ready for windows, buttons, paper dollies, and snow. I also added a vintage Christmas stamp that I found at the flea market a few weeks ago. The stamp is from 1957, the year I was born. Does that make me vintage too?

As Erin and I were looking at the houses, we decided that they needed a "little real estate". Sooo.. we cut up a cereal box to use as a base for the houses and covered them with vintage Christmas sheet music. We add a little Christmas tree and a couple of houses have a sled.

A few pictures of the back of the houses, all sides were decorated!

Wrapping the houses seemed to take me a long time to accomplish. I wanted to make sure that they were just so!! I used clear cellophane wrapping paper, a strip of fabric, and a ribbon. A few mini ornaments and a vintage gift tag from Italy and they were done!!

I had a lot fun building and desiging the houses. I think Erin did too!! Both of us were really happy with the results. I hope the neighbors in blogland like them too!!



  1. Your houses are darling! I love the way you decorated them and the real estate was the perfect touch. I don't think I'm in your group.....I had to make 7 houses. Bummer! I love how you got your inspiration too. I also wandered around Michaels looking for something to get my creativity going and I ended up with those ornaments. You done good girl!

  2. Thanks! I agree. I don't think we're in the same group, but I'm sure the swap will be terrific even if we don't get one of each others houses!! LOL

  3. These turned out ADORABLE!! I just love all the vintage touches.
    Kudos! : )

  4. Lots of cute little details there! I put my little package together today and sent it flying to California! Hope you enjoy our very cherry tag swap and have a happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Love the houses each one so cute. I joined in Cindy's swap but afraid I couldn't complete as many as needed so swapped with Cindy and Debby over at Cozy Blanket what a fun blogland community E in TN