Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mr. Math Plays Along!!

Mr. Math and I went out to breakfast yesterday and on the way home we stopped a garage sale....not Mr. Math's favorite thing to do, but it was right on the way home and I promised we only had to stop at one.

It wasn't billed as an estate sale but there where a few estate type items at this garage sale...AKA vintage!

two vintage stationary boxes with labels you can add to your notes!
the pink, blue and white box held little umbrellas, and lanterns
I hit the mother lode of vintage magazines!! I brought home 76! Sunset, Women's Day, Family Circle and Better Homes and Gardens. A few from the late 1950's and the rest from the 1960's.

of course the ads are terrific!

Betsy McCall paper dolls

I do have two favorite magazines out of the lot...
the July 1962 issue had an article on Caroline Kennedy and her pets
and Better Homes and Gardens from April 1957...
the month and year this young thing was born!!

Mr. Math just smiled as I piled my purchases into his car...and then he started to sneeze..allergies you the vintages magazines stored in a garage...he actually pulled over and had me move them to the trunk!

Enjoying looking through my magazines! The articles are great, but the pictures are the best!



  1. FUN FINDS!!!! Betsy McCall! My Mom used to read me the story every month when her magazine came What a great stash to work with and yes, the ads are my favorite part too!


  2. OMG! Those lanterns are so cute! And the stationary labels are very cool! I remember the Betsy McCall paper dolls...times sure have changed!

  3. You sure did hit the jackpot with all those vintage magazines. Love the ads, too.

  4. WOW!! Those magazines are wonderful. How fun to look through! Thank you for stopping by our Candy Bar, Chris!

  5. Great finds, Chris!
    Always loved the Betsy McCall paper dolls, and those little paper umbrellas too. Haven't ever see the lanterns - really, really cute! You'll be enjoying those magazines for a long time - such fun!
    xoxo Jane

  6. The stationary with the little tags to add are one of my favorite finds (use the tags for crafting). Also love the honeycomb lanterns.

    I have a stack of the old vintage mags that I read occasionally - mostly Christmas issues. Fun stuff!

  7. The lanterns and umbrellas "do it" for me! I do love seeing the old magazines too. Your Mr. Math reminds me of my Mr. Safety Man--he is very patient with me and my stuff (he just smiles [too])

  8. Love your finds! I sometime have dust allergies,too.But, I still love Vintage!

  9. Great finds. I love your stationary boxes and the magazines must be great fun to look through. Happy reading!

  10. What great treasures. I love garage sales too.

  11. How fun Chris ! Can't wait to see them. Lori

  12. Such great finds Chris!! How fun to go through all those magazines!! The graphics are great!! Those stationary boxes are so pretty!! Have a lovely Memorial Day! xo Heather

  13. Cool finds! What is it about those old ads that make me more nostalgic than the articles? Glad Mr. Math was cooperative. Does he get out of school soon? Don't tell me he's already out because I'll cry. LOL Baby Bee gets out on Friday and I still have another week.

  14. Oh and I forgot to say, no I don't think it's wrong to ask. You're usually not any worse off than you were before and the answer might be yes!

  15. I was hoping to hit a couple garage sales this weekend... but I never did! I drove right past a few.. but I wasnt feel very well and each one i passed, I thought to myself.. "really vivian, it doesnt matter what they have... you dont need it!"
    I wish I could feel that way everytime I think about buying something! LOL!
    have a great week

  16. The magazines are wonderful!! I love the ads. What I would do to own a stove like the one you are showing. *dreamy sigh*

  17. My mom & I would do the Betsy McCall paperdolls together. What will you do with all those mags? Do you cut them up for your projects?