Friday, May 18, 2012

Jasper Giraffe

I am sharing another one of my favorite books.........Jasper Giraffe.  It's a book about a young Giraffe, named Jasper..Jasper is sad because he never gets any mail.
Polly Parrot is the Postmistress and all the animals in the jungle come to collect their mail at the post office
Jasper was so sad because he never received any mail, that one day he was not paying attention and tripped and fell
All day long the animals came to get their mail or to post letters they had written...and Polly Parrot told all of them about Jasper and his fall
The next morning the post office was full of mail...for Jasper Giraffe
And Jasper could not believe that all the mail that Polly Parrot delivered was for him!
Polly Parrot had told all the animals that Jasper had broken his leg, but it was only a scratch!
Jasper was so happy, he had many friends

I just love these books about mail...sending and receiving... I think I will work on sending out a few letters out this weekend!

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  1. Oh, the days of sending letters!! I wish I was around for more of that!! Such a sweet book Chris!! Love the cute Giraffe, and the his friends!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a lovely weekend!! xo Heather

  2. I love that second-to-last illustration, with all the animals! I especially love the giraffe- so sweet! Thanks for joining the party!

  3. Hi Chris! what a sweet book. we used to have a ton of kids books.. not sure what ever happened to them.. I may have donated them to the library.... (dumb!)
    I need to start collecting them again for these babies!
    have a great weekend!!

  4. I'm with Jasper...I love getting letters in the mail. (much better than bills!) :)
    Oh, and my washtub caddy...I was grinning from ear to ear when I left that sale! (the guy was asking $3.00 for it, but I talked him into taking the $2.00 he had just given me back in change....I'm so bad!) lol

  5. I kinda feel sorry for kids these days, because the illustrations in the new books just can't compare to the ones in vintage books! These are just adorable!

  6. So cute illustrations! I love them all. I'm like Jasper too, it's so nice to receive mails.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Besos. Silvina.

  7. What a sweet story. The graphics are great. I agree with Carol. New books just don't compare!!

  8. What a darling book! I don't recall this one, but I surely enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I just the happy vintage images. I could see that sweet giraffe decoupaged on to so many things.

  10. I had to smile...I wish Jasper could come and open some of my mail for me. It's a cute story and I love the graphics! Thx for sharing.

  11. I also feel sorry for kids these days with the electronic toys, texting and email...they will never have anything so darling to hold in their hands and recall their childhoods 40 years from now like we do!


  12. The "old" storybooks are simply the best! I just love Jasper.

  13. Cute story! Love the illustrations in those old/er books!
    xox Jane