Thursday, May 2, 2013

Supply Swap!

Mary, who blogs at Mary's Meanderings was my Supply Swap partner.

Elizabeth from Creative Breathing paired us the email she sent telling me who my partner was she mentioned that she thought it was a good pairing....

Well, she wasn't kidding!

When I received Mary's package, I realized that I had included some of the very same items in the package I sent to her!

Mary decorated an ice cream box, and stuffed it with amazing crafting goodies!

I couldn't wait to untie this little package and see what was packed so carefully.

A hankie with a little cute, ric rac, bias tape, a sewing kit and a bunch of vintage flowers!

Three different shaped vintage tart pans held a child's tea pot, beads, painted china pieces, and baker's twine. Mary so cleverly wrapped the baker's twine around vintage spools!!

Flash cards, decals, post cards, vintage layaway tags, decals and so much more!

Mary also sent a tart pan, filled with small vintage Christmas and aqua...two of my favorite colors! 

The tart pan that held the ornaments has been used already!! It was just what I needed to finish a project for another swap I've joined!

Mary even included something sweet! Mr. Math sure was happy! He loves chocolate too! Since Mary sent two chocolate bars, I shared one with him!

So much fun to receive a package of items to craft with!
Mary did a great job sending me things that I would enjoy.

Hoping she likes her Supply Swap package too!



  1. Wow, what a neat bunch of supplies........and chocolate, too! When I do swaps out here during the spring/summer/fall in Arizona, I have to tell folks not to send me chocolate. It always arrives melted! I need to check out what you sent Mary.


  2. Wow what wonderful goodies you got!! :) Have fun with all your new things!! :) Love the ice cream box decorated! :) Happy Thursday! xo Holly

  3. Love the use of an ice cream box. Fabulous container. You really did get some wonderful treasures. Such a fun swap!

  4. Hi Chris, This is the most delightful way of sending supplies to you! Mary is so creative, and the things she sent you I know will find their way into your art. Yup! I just knew you would be the perfect match! Have a lovely spring day! Elizabeth

  5. Love the ice cream box idea!! So creative!! Such sweet goodies you received!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  6. I love how she decorated the ice cream carton! Pretty colors too! Lots of fun treasures inside! FUN!

  7. Makes me smile to see that you traded similar items, my partner and I did the same thing! Different brands, different colors, same things we knew the other would use! Great swap!

  8. Looks like a really "cool" swap - minus the ice cream, but what a clever idea to use the box for all those sweet goodies!
    xo Jane

  9. Making that box and filling it with fun things for you was so very fun! Sure was a blessing to be your swap partner-

    Loving all my goodies too!

    bee blessed

  10. What a sweet partner. I just love that cute hankie. I'm sure you'll have fun using all those goodies!

  11. great idea to decorate an ice cream box! hmmm.... makes me want some ice cream right now!
    This was a fun swap. I finally just mailed my partners stuff out yesterday after carrying it around in my car for a week and a half!
    have a great weekend

  12. How fun! I like seeing how people packaged things up. Everyone is so creative!

  13. That is sweet! What a fun box of goodies!