Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Name Is Chris McKinley And I am A.........

Copy Cat!

Well, maybe more of an idea borrower, an idea embellisher????

One of the blogs I read is Magpie Ethel.  She has collections of just about anything you can imagine, and the best luck of anyone I know at estate sales!
 She often shares her various collections with her readers.

A few weeks ago she shared her collection of vintage children's tin tea cups.

She also shared a clever idea for displaying the tin tea cups.

But try as I might I can't find the post where she shared this great idea.

But, I sure did remember it!

She hung the tin tea cups from vintage children's hangers and displayed them in the yard!

Years ago when my girls were younger we had a day bed....they out grew it, and instead of giving it away I decided to save the pieces. I wasn't sure why, I just liked it, and was pretty sure that someday I would be able to use it.

My version of children's hangers with vintage tin tea cups!

I will no longer pass up chipped depression glass or china cups!  I will happily buy them and hang them from the back of the vintage, (I think it qualifies, since it's 20 years old or so), day bed!



  1. What a great idea! It looks fantastic!

  2. Perfect twist on the child tea cup idea.
    That post you were looking for? May 1, 2013. The last few photos on my new shelf post...

    Great work!

  3. Love, love, love it! I gave my white day bed to my granddaughter - but when she is finished with it - it's MINE! LOL! What a great idea to hang teacups from it. It looks so good on your fence!

  4. It's not being a copy cat, it's finding a great idea and giving it your very own je ne sais quoi.
    Chris =]

  5. So cute Chris!! Hope you are enjoying the weekend!! xo Heather

  6. Chris, I loved your blog title and post today! What a great idea you came up with! My girls both had white iron trundle beds when they were young and we sold them at garage sales...big mistake!

  7. Great idea and a great way to dress up your fence!

    (I want a privacy fence *so* bad!)

  8. Oh I love that!! What a great idea Chris! So pretty hanging there! Have a happy Memorial day today! xo Holly

  9. Very cute idea! It's not a copycat one in my opinion because you changed it up and made it your own. That's what bloggers do...they spark ideas in others. And it just keeps going round and round. Love it!

  10. Oh how cute...what if you put a little bird seed into each cup...the birdies could join your tea party!

  11. Fabulous! I must show this to my husband. The ideas are spinning.

  12. Love It! Great job, Chris!
    Thank goodness you saved that bed!
    Erica :)

  13. I love the way the pieces from the bed look against your fence, and how clever to hang the tea cups from it. laurie