Sunday, May 12, 2013

Missing My Mom and Loving My Girls!

My Mom Bevy....

1936 Malibu Beach California

1963 Mountain View California

2006 Campbell California

The McKinley Girls....Meghann, Meredith, Erin Rose, Liz, and Katie

2008 Campbell California
I had a wonderful day......Mr. Math took me to breakfast, and I spent the day doing what I love.....I went to the third day of an estate sale, and worked in the yard. Flowers from my girls and dinner at my favorite fish house with two of the girls and Mr. Math completed the day.

I hope you enjoyed your special day!



  1. What lovely pictures. Such treasured memories. Sounds like it was a blessed Mother's day!

  2. such beautiful girls! Glad you had a nice day. I did too. I ate too much and I gained a pound I think! will be starving myself the next two days! lol! (not really)
    have a great week Chris

  3. Such wonderful photos Chris!! So glad you had a lovely MOther's Day!! Such pretty ladies you all are!! xo Heather

  4. Chris, I love the photos. Your Mom was beautiful-I miss mine too. Your girls are all lovely. I'm glad you had a fun day.

  5. Oh are those gorgeous girls all yours!!! How lucky you are, you will never be alone and I am guessing there is never a dull minute. So Glad you had a fun day!


  6. That is a wonderful picture of your mom. I miss mine to she lives in Florida :'( I'm glad you had a wonderful day :)

  7. Such wonderful pictures, Christ Beautiful mother and beautiful daughters too! Sounds like you had a lovely day!
    xoxo Jane