Monday, May 27, 2013

Copy Cat Correction.....

So I guess my memory is not what it used to be!  Or, after reading Laurie's post about hanging her vintage tin tea cups, I had already jumped to how I was going to make her idea my own!

Laurie had her tin tea cups hanging from hangers in her craft studio, (which by the way is to die for), NOT in her yard like I thought!

Any Who.......

Laurie who blogs at Magpie Ethel sent me the link to the post that shows how she displayed her vintage tin tea cups!

And I'm not really sure why I could not see this post last night, but.......

Check out the link, I'm sure you'll find the hanging vintage tin tea cups just as fun as I did!!



  1. Yard, studio..hey they were hanging from somewhere on something. Believe me I can't remember everything I see or read in blogland either! Glad you got some inspiration and your project is perfect for that space.

  2. I absolutely KNOW my memory is not exactly what it once was!:-)

  3. What a darling way to display your collection. I think there may be some copy cats that will result after seeing YOUR idea. CUTE!


  4. I love how you both have hung and displayed your tin cups! If I should ever acquire any, I might just have to do something similar! lol!
    have a great week Chris!

  5. Oh heck you are not alone, I see an idea, but can never remember much about it, but THE IDEA!