Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012!

I am joining the Where Bloggers Create 2012 party!!! Last year I moved my crafting room from a small room downstairs to a larger room upstairs. I loved my small room, nice and cozy, but having a bigger room allows me to show off my favorite things. I even have enough room to have friends over to join me in crafting or sewing.

I took the doors off the closet and put in my Nana's desk and a dresser given to me by one of my flea market friends. I use Nana's desk as my office desk and the other for storage.  I took out the clothes rod and put a curtain rod in it's place to hang my ribbons on.
The garland above the alcove holds the tags from the latest swaps. I use the plastic boxes that lettuce comes in to store my projects, trims, fat quarters and ribbon scraps.

The garland above the sewing table holds the invitations made by my friend Maria..AKA Maria Stewart!!
On the left is my wall ironing board and my sewing area.
This desk belonged to my Dad, a little white paint and it works.
Scissors and hole punches ready and waiting.
The bookcase holds a few books, my Mary Poppins doll and some fabric squares.
A heart shaped doll and broach swapped with Fran who blogs at Dolls Are My Canvas, a firecracker created by Elizabeth who blogs at Creative Breathing, and a Santa checking his list created by Laurie who blogs at Magpie Ethel.
This room also doubles a bedroom when the girls come home. It's the last one chosen because it takes a little effort to pull out the futon. The quilt above the futon is one I purchased at a quilt auction 22 years ago. It's called the Domes of Santa Clara County which is where I live.
The Domes represented are the Santa Clara Mission, the Fruit Orchards, the Unitarian Church, the County Court House, both of which were damaged and red tagged during the 1989 earthquake, the Lick Observatory, the hanger at Moffet Field Naval Base, and the Satellite Dish at Stanford University.
More storage and a family rocker.
I love color and I don't mind a mix of bright colors.
Tags created and traded for swaps.
Baskets hold paper treasures used in apron created by Renee who blogs at My Vintage Mending, and one given as a birthday present from one of my flea market friends.
Well, that's it for the crafting room at the Xavier Ct House. Thanks for visiting and thanks to Karen at My Desert Cottage for hosting!!



  1. Chris you have such a beautiful and neat studio!! Love all Nana's desk! Everything is so pretty and inspiring! Thanks for sharing! Happy creating, and have a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  2. What a great space! That quilt is amazing that you purchased...It is so unique!

  3. What a wonderful and colorful crafting room, Chris! Love how you display your things - and that quilt - Wow! Cute idea to use those lettuce boxes - I love to recycle things like that!
    xoxo Jane

  4. Oh Chris, I love your space. It's so happy and cheerful. I see lots of red and aqua which is my second favorite combination after black and white. LOVE what you did with your tags framed on the wall. I love to have mine before me too. They're so inspiring.

    Glad you liked the burlap lampshade. Last minute final touches for the party. It's very simple to make. Just purchase a roll of burlap garland at Michael's. They typically have it around the styrofoam wreaths, moss, and such. It's perfect because the ends are already stitched and it also makes wrapping the shade easier. I wrapped mine, then pleaded each wrap overlapping. I think I might add a black feather boa to the bottom too. Enjoy!

    Don't you just love Karen's creative party. So much inspiration, so little time. :)

  5. Hi Chris-
    Your space is SO GREAT! I think I'd never want to leave if I were you! I love how you have used the inside of the closet! I think I'll do this too. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I enjoyed the tour!
    Erica :)

  6. Hi Chris. Oh my gosh I just love your space. Very inspiring and so super cute. I am so glad you stopped by for a visit. Thank you so much sharing. I am your newest follower. Hope we can keep in touch.

  7. Lots of room and space to spread out, colors to inspire and memories all around! LOVE YOUR SPACE!

  8. WOW!! Your creating space is just amazing. Lots of room and supplies to create with. So nice to know you stopped by. Thank you for your comment on my tablescape for Canada Day!! :)

  9. You have a huge room! Love the ribbon idea! It's so nice that you can have someone craft with you and I like the daybay/futon! A little nap is a good thing! Loved the tour and your room.

  10. all the little touches. Seeing what others put on their shelves is always so intriguing. This is a space I would pick first to stay in. I would be up all night crafting and exploring...smiles...Renee

  11. Hi Chris,
    You room is just beautiful! Love how you have your tag swaps displayed. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Hello, it's nice to meet and follow you on this blog hop.

    I love your chair and ironing board cover, that fabric is delicious!

    Thanks for sharing your space, hope you'll come by and see mine.

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  13. Isn't it nice to have a space to call your own and create! Thanks for the tour. Love the ironing board and chair fabric.

  14. Such a fun space! love the garlands/ banners you made- I use those lettuce containers too to store things in.

    Fun for you that you have one of Elizabeth's fun creations! She is amazing!

    Hope you might come by and see my new space!

    bee blessed

  15. Love your creative space. Your little dolls dresses are charming hanging on the wall. Thanks for sharing your awesome space.


  16. I love your creating place. The baby clothes hanging up slay me. Cute, cute, cute!

  17. Very nice room Chris! I love the frame with chicken wire holding the tags. Such a great idea.

  18. Thank you for the tour. Your creative space is great. So organized but cozy and filled with so many great things. I love the frame with the chicken wire background for a display board. what a great idea. Thanks for sharing your space with us and have a great day. Angela

  19. Thanks for sharing...super sweet room. Hugs

  20. You do have a nice large space - I could really mess it up in there : ) I love the way you have your ribbons hung. Thanks for visiting my studio!

  21. I love all the vintage touched throughout your space, Great idea using the lettuce boxes, I usually just throw those away. I also have to share my space as a guest bedroom.Wonderful space and I see the cute tag garlands hanging. Adorable!

  22. You have a wonderful space to create! Thank you for sharing.

  23. So fun to see your creative space and I recognized the handmade pieces from Elizabeth, Laurie and Renee in there! My favorite part is the sofa covered with pillows for friends to lounge on -- wish I had something like where I create! Thanks so much for all of the photos. xo -amy

  24. Oh Chris, your craft room is just full of happy goodness. It looks so cozy to me and like a fun and relaxing place to craft...or take a nap. :) Thank you for sharing.


  25. Oh so many goodies! I love that garland with your friends invitations! How sweet is that? I also love the bold red color on the dresser! Good choice!!!

  26. What a cool crafting area! Your brain is super busy with lots of inspiration & wonderful ideas.

  27. This is such a great use of space having it double as a guest room! The ribbon holder is so cool. I love all the storage you have in here. Having your built in ironing board is so neat! My mom has one of those and I have always wanted one, maybe some day. The frame with the chicken wire is such a cute idea. I just passed up a frame at the goodwill today. I think I will go back and get it now! So happy you have such a nice space for crafting. It sure makes it that much more fun and also easier. I do have a corner I use with the computer and my sewing machine. But the dining table is still my main area! Thanks for the inspiration.

  28. I love your nana's desk, fantastic treasure.
    I like how you have your ribbons hung in your closet area. I really do have to figure something out for holding a bunch of my ribbons, I am still on the hunt for that inspiration.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful space.

  29. Love your space, that closet is fantastic. I spied a super cute vintage head vase in one of your photos, love that. Thank you for sharing.

  30. Great space! I love our curtain rod idea for ribbon! I am using rope right now. Thank you so much for sharing.... I am going to follow because I want to see more of your tags! Love the color too!

    Take care,

  31. Great space, Chris! You've got some lovely things on display! I recognized Elizabeth's firecracker right away. Very clever using the containers to hold your fat quarters and other fabric. It looks like you've created a very happy space to create in! Thanks for sharing it!

  32. It must be so great to have a room that you can fit your friends in to play with you!! Thank you so much for sharing your super cute studio room with all of us!!! Have a great week Chris!

  33. What a fantastic room for all your crafting! I love that you have enough space to share with friends that come over. And I really like that long bar to hold your ribbons! I could really use something like that.

  34. What a wonderful space. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  35. Really lovely space. It is nice that you were able to move into the bigger room and display all your treasures. I really enjoyed seeing everything. Thanks for sharing your space with us!