Monday, July 2, 2012

Getting Caught Up!!

Now that things have settled down a bit at work, I can start getting caught up with the fun stuff!!  Blogging, tag making, sharing the tags I've received from two terrific swaps, garage saling, and maybe a little laundry and house cleaning. 

A few weeks ago I had sent Heather who blogs at Vintage Grey some extra quilt blocks that I know how it goes, you can only keep so much and I was pretty sure Heather would be able to put them to good use. Heather sent me a wonderful package as a thank you... she didn't have to but, boy am I happy she did! I could not wait to open the package. I am one of those people who likes to peak at Christmas packages....needless to say, I couldn't get into the house fast enough!

I love how Heather wrapped the package!! A playing card, and a doilie.... a great combination!
An idea I will have to borrow from Heather is stamping the doilies!
A pack of tea bags, Heather's handmade coasters, and one of her handmade flags!
I have not done any 4th of July decorating..... tomorrow I will be using this flag to start my decorating! Better late than never!
I consider myself to be a lucky lady to have received one of Heather's thank you  packages!!!



  1. Oh you lucky duck! Heathers flags are on my want list! That was sweet of her. I'm glad the two of you were able to exchange! :)

  2. What a sweet thank you! She sure is a sweetie and so are you.

  3. Heather's work is so beautiful! The packaging is lovely too.

    Loved your Wilma and Betty tag. So cute and creative. All of the details were special and fun. Thank you!

  4. Hi Chris! I am so happy you like the flag quilt and coasters!! Thank you for your generosity and being so sweet!! Happy Monday to you my friend! xo Heather

  5. Nice gifts! It's always a great day when a package arrives and there are new treasures inside. Cool flag!
    Deb :)
    HAPPY 4TH!

  6. Heather is amazing and her sewing is exceptional. She is always inspiring. So glad that you two were able to share. Smiles...Renee

  7. Heather is such a special lady! So gracious and sweet and wonderfully creative...another blogger to be grateful for. The list is getting longer every day. =D

  8. I love the idea of stamping the doily. That is one I'm going to remember for sure!

    Have a fabulous fourth!

  9. Congrats!
    You are a lucky girl..... Heather makes such darling stuff!!

    Enjoy this day.

    Smiles :)

  10. Oh, yes you are a lucky lady! Heather was so generous with all her wonderful goodies! She was so sweet to send you these as a thank you! And you were very generous to send her your blocks! I still wish I could get a descent start on quilting, but maybe in time. Love all the talent I see on the blogs!

  11. That flag quilt is so sweet! Fun to receive unexpected treasures!