Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cartoon Swap!!

Tammy who blogs at Tammy's in Love, hosted one of my favorite swaps so far!  The guidelines were very simple....create a tag of your favorite cartoon. There were 10 swappers. You were to send 9 tags to trade and keep 1 for yourself.

Yesterday, I noticed on other blogs that the cartoon packages had started to arrive. When I got home from work, of course, I checked the mailbox, I asked my family if I got a package in the mail...nothing.  Then about 9pm my neighbor knocked on the door..... the mailman had left a package for me at his house!!

Yabba Dabba Do!!!!! My package had been delivered!!

Tags created by Lynn who blogs at Life on the Wienne Ranch, Shirley who blogs at Zetta's Aprons, and Tresa who blogs at Speedy Lady. Who didn't love Yogi and BooBoo Bear? And Huckleberry Hound?  Looking at these great tags, sure brings back memories of Saturday mornings!

Who saves the day? Mighty Mouse of course!! Created by Sandy who blogs at 521 Lake St., the Archies and their great theme song.... Aw, Honey, Honey, Aw, Sugar, Sugar.....played over and over again on KFRC radio in San Francisco, created by Linda who blogs at LBP Sews, and Dennis the Menace (a little stinker, but boy is he cute), in Mexico created by Elizabeth who blogs at Creative Breathing.

Tom and Jerry playing a little cat and mouse, created by Renee who blogs at My Vintage Mending, Mr. Jinx or Jinksy as Pixie and Dixie called him created by our hostess Tammy, and what would Saturday morning be without Chip and Dale? Created by Erica who blogs at Golden Egg Vintage.

Tammy kept track of when we turned our tags in on a vintage time card.

And the letter C in the corner means this is for me!!

I had such fun with this swap!  Thank you Tammy for hosting!!!




  1. Yes, This sure was a fun swap! I'm glad you were a part of it! :)
    Thank you Chris!

  2. Didn't you have the most fun. I want to do it all over again just to see what everyone comes up with. Thanks for your sweet tag Chris. Smiles...Renee

  3. I haven't thought about these cartoons for years.....Yogi bear, loved him!

  4. Such the sweetest tags!! Happy 4th of July Chris!! xo Heather

  5. Wow! That sure looks like one of the best swaps ever! You gals are all so talented! Lot's of fun tags! And Yes, I remember them all!
    Bless you gals!

  6. Great swap! Really cute tags!

  7. So cute. I'm in awe of those great vintage looking tags. Great swap!