Friday, July 6, 2012

Nancy Drew!

I've mentioned before that my mom was quite a saver.  When my mom moved into the Xavier Ct. house, along with her came a few boxes. I'll admit it, I'm being a little sarcastic....we at first filled a storage unit, and then gradually over a few months moved the boxes into the garage. She often said Oh Christy, that's a collectible, I need to save it. I have gradually looked through all of the boxes, tossed somethings and continued to save others.

Or at least I thought I had gone through all the boxes......but...I was wrong

I realized the other day there were a few boxes I had missed. The first box I opened, I found two had birthday cards, graduations, and first communion cards, and the other was a collection of old airline memorabilia. 

Tucked into the back pages of one scrapbooks were three vintage Nancy Drew books jackets!

Nancy Drew books were the first thing I collected. My Mom and I would visit used bookstores, searching for Nancy Drew books. She would take the dust jackets off so I wouldn't lose them. I believe the dust jackets belonged to books printed during the late 1930's.
The Secret of the Old Clock with the blue and orange cover was printed during the early 1930's
Nancy Drew books with the blue denim cover like the one above were printed during the 1950's
Nancy Drew books with the picture on the cover and the yellow spine were first printed in the early 1960's

I love Nancy Drew! And when I was looking for a cover for my Kindle...guess what I found?

 A Nancy Drew cover!!! You can't believe how many people comment on it. i take my Kindle everywhere, it fits so nicely in my bag. I read "real" books at home, but for the car and my Kindle!

It is finding things like the vintage dust covers in unexpected places that make me happy my mom was a saver!!

You just never know what might be collectible!!



  1. Read every Nancy Drew and then moved onto the Hardy Boys. Enjoyed Nancy more, but was always looking to read...

  2. Where did you find a Nancy Drew Kindle cover? That is so cool! Do they make them for the Kindle Fire? =D

  3. A flea market in your own house! Lucky girl! Now, using those books in decorating the Xavier Court house!


  4. I enjoyed reading Nancy Drew books when I was in 5th and 6th grade. We would borrow them and pass them around. Nice find. xo

  5. What fun books to have found! Such a neat kindle cover! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  6. How lovely to find the book covers after all this time. I know I've got rid of things in the past which I now wish I had kept but I would probably also need a house double the size to store them.

  7. I just put my almost-complete childhood collection of Nancy Drew books in my daughter's room. She's not interested in them now (just turned 8) but I'm hoping soon she'll love them as much as I did. That Kindle cover is fantastic!

  8. Genius...Now this is a project I would do over and over. Loved Nancy Drew. So wish my mom was a saver. Lucky...smiles...Renee

  9. What wonderful finds, Chris! Hope you'll show some of the scrapbook pages too :)
    I don't recall reading ND as a child, but did along with my daughters, one of whom now has our collection. We discovered that they changed more than the covers to keep up with the times! At one point I wanted to write a "cultural history of the U.S. as shown in Nancy Drew" - LOL!!! Might have to get a Kindle just so I can have one of those cute covers!

  10. Hi Chris, I'm afraid that I never read the Nancy Drew books. I did read the Trixie Belden mysteries. Did you ever read them? It would be fun to have them again to read with my granddaughters. I'm happy for you that you found these, they will bring back many happy memories. Thanks for popping in and saying hi, and I'm very happy that you liked my re-purposes projects. Connie :)

  11. I still have my entire set. Yep, Nancy, Bess, George and I were best friends every single summer when I would read the entire set all over again... Somewhere in my arsenal of patterns I have the instructions on how to make a purse of old books and I bought an old Nancy Drew book just for that purpose. I think I will dig that out...


  12. Chris,
    Somebody hand made this cover right?????? What a wonderful idea!!!!! I am hoping for a Kindle Fire for Christmas.....:)