Friday, January 20, 2012

Whistle While I Work!!!

I have been working all day on 27 pages for a special kind of swap. I was asked to join a Vintage ABC Christmas Book Swap this past December. Each participant takes a letter and creates 27 identical pages. And the hostess sends each of the swap members a book. It sounded like so much fun, but I was worried that if I had to have them finished by the end of December I just couldn't do it. The hostess said the due date was the end of January, and I said sign me up!!
I was told I could choose between the letter X or D. I thought well I live on Xavier Ct., why not take X. Not really a big mistake, but, not the easiest letter to work with. Especially since it was a Christmas theme.
I had a few ideas, and then I saw some samples of the other ladies work. OMG!! The ladies in this swap are a talented group.. AND one 11 year old girl is creating a page!! I have changed my mind a million times, but have finally decided to go with what I've got as of today. No more changes. It is what is..... I took a day off from work today to work on my pages. I did get a lot done today and will finish up this weekend.
The above picture is the front of the page. I need to decorate the back as well. I'll be sure to take pictures of the finished pages, so I can show to you.
After looking at some of the pages others have created, I realize I need to start thinking a little further outside of the box. The ladies use so many elements when creating their pages.

I worry about measuring up, but really the most important thing is to have fun. Which I am.... I'm having a BLAST!!!

Back to work... Whistle, Whistle, Whistle!!


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