Monday, January 23, 2012

On My Honor.....

You know how it is with close friends... sometimes it's hard to know what to give them. Sometimes, you don't even give a gift for a birthday or Christmas. And it's no big deal. It doesn't take a gift from one of my girlfriends to make me realize what great friends they are.

And I know they feel the same way.

And sometimes all of sudden you see something that you realize would make special gift for a friend. And it doesn't have to be for any specific occasion. It's just because.

About six months ago a close friend, the invitation maker, shared via email, a family photo. It was picture of herself and her sister as young girls reciting the Brownie Girl Scout promise in front of their dad. Their dad at the time was the territorial govenor of Alaska and the photo was taken during Girl Scout week in March of 1958. The email said one of my favorite photos!!

I didn't think much about it, other than enjoy the photo of my friend at 8 years old... until I was out flea marketing. I happened to find 2 Brownie Girl Scout hankies. They were so cute and I love hankies and couldn't pass these up. But what would I use the hankies for besides adding them to my collection? And then the light bulb went on. What if I made a shadow box using the photo of my girlfriend and her sister as the main focus in the shadow box? I decided I would continue to look for scouting memorabilla. A couple of months later I found a Brownie Handbook and two Brownie pins. I had some Brownie pins that my mom had saved and I decided I would use those if I needed to. The last item I added to my collection were a few Brownie badges.
Today, I finally got around to putting the shadow box togther.

I covered the piece of cardboard in the shadow box with pages from the Brownie Girl Scout handbook. And then just put the hankie, badges and pins in places that I thought looked just right!!

You can see in the photos the two different hankies that I found. They both are pretty darn cute!!! I decided I would make a shadow box for her sister too since I have enough Brownie memorabilla to make one more.

Thank Heaven for Friends!!


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