Sunday, January 29, 2012


Yesterday while out running a few errands, I happened to see a sign for a garage sale, and, of course, I had to stop. I am redoing one of the upstairs bedrooms and have a few things on my list that I'm searching for. The room doesn't belong to any of the girls any more, so it's becoming the guest room.

I have been on the hunt for bedside tables. Nothing has really caught my eye, you know how that goes. Well.... the garage sale I stopped at yesterday had two matching side tables. When I first looked at them, I wanted to see the inside of the drawers and they did not open. The seller came over and said the side tables were file cabinets. The bottom portion was the drawer part of the file cabinet. The top of the side table opened up to hold the hanging type files.

I thought they might work and of course then asked the price... $40.00 for the two tables. I did not want to spend $40.00. I hesitated and said I'd think about it.

I did not even ask if she'd take less. I went home.

As I went about my day, I thought more about it, and sat in the room I wanted to put the tables in and I realized they were just what I was looking for. Even if they were file cabinets.

So..... I went back to the sale. Of course it was over, it was late afternoon. I knocked on the door and the woman said she had sold them. I had to make it worse by asking how much and she said she took $30.00 for the two. I would have paid $30.00. I should have offered $30.00 when I was there!! I said thanks and she said sorry!!

What I was reminded of was what anyone who is an experienced junker knows.....

1. Always make an offer you never know the seller may take it.

2. Never second guess yourself. If your first thought is "it's just what I'm looking for" try and work with the seller.

The item is often not sitting there waiting for you to come back!!



  1. What interesting tables they are or would have been in your guest room. I know, I have done the same thing and go back and it's gone. Now if I like it and want it I take it. People will usually lower their prices. I'm sure you will find some other tables you like just as well or better. Perhaps the right tables are waiting for you to find them.
    Have A Wonderful Day

  2. That's such a hard lesson to learn. I'm not an impulse buyer and I like to think before I purchase so I have missed out on things before, too! My hubby says to buy it if you like it! I'm trying to learn! And I know this,'ll find something else perfect later on! ♥