Monday, December 5, 2011

To Market, To Market, To Buy a .......

Basket full of Christmas!! The Flea Market Friends headed first to the De Anza Flea Market in Cupertino on Saturday. It's very close to our homes, so we didn't have to leave too early to get there by 7:15am. There were only two of us on Saturday, the third Flea Market Friend would be joining us on Sunday. And we shopped and searched like no tomorrow. You would have thought we NEEDED more Christmas to fill our homes. I think the find of the day was a vintage scrapbook filled with vintage cards. A real steal for eight dollars!! The Flea Market Friends have an understanding... if more than one of us likes it, the finder has first right of refusal. I didn't find this one, but I know she'll share!! I picked up quite a few vintage paper items, stickers and such for tag making.
Our favorite vendor at De Anza's booth.

Sunday was the big day... we headed off to the Alameda Point Flea Market. We meet at 6:15am and made it Alameda by 7:30am. Parking is free at the Alameda Flea Market, but they charge an entrance fee. If you're there before 7:30am the charge is $15.00, after 7:30am it's $10.00. We always head to the back and work our way to the front. Not sure that's the best way, but it's our way!
Two of the Flea Market Friends ready to shop!!
We had great weather. A crystal clear morning made for a cold start.. ok... cold for us Califorians, 48 degrees when we started off. You could see the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline.
A little hard to see the skyline and the bridge, but they're there.... I made a comment this evening to my daughter that I should get a camera that had a "zoom" button it. She said mom, you already do! I guess you really do learn something new everyday!!
You could even buy a Nash Automobile if you want!!
The Alameda Flea Market has more than 800 vendors and 10,000 shoppers!!
I think the find of the day at Alameda was a place setting for four of Johnson Brothers Christmas dinner plates and bread plates for $30.00. You have to be a careful shopper at Alameda. The prices are what you might say a little on the high side.. for the Flea Market Friends a lot on the high side. We saw 12 dinner plates with a Turkey design...yours for the taking for a mere $50.00 PER PLATE. I think the three of us just about fell over!! They were gorgeous, but really?? I'm betting she had to pack those up and take them home!!
The booths always have just the right touch to them. We always seem to come home with new ideas. Or see something we already have that we can repurpose.

As we were walking around we saw these two darling girls carrying reindeer, and their aunt carrying Santa and the sleigh. I couldn't pass up a picture of these two with their purchase!

We headed home around 1:00pm, this year we walked the whole Flea Market! We only go to the Alameda Flea Market once a year at Christmas time. It's a little far and it is really a little too expensive for us to shop there on a regular basis. But you do see things you don't see at the smaller markets. Nothing new at this one, only vintage.

Trying to finish up the Christmas decorating by Thursday. If it's not done by then, it's not happening!!!

Happy Monday!!!


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