Friday, October 26, 2012

Witches Brew!!

This past Sunday my girlfriends and I got together for our annual Halloween Tea.

Mary Ann, (one of the flea market friends), set a boootiful table for us!! Mary Ann is a great thrifter and used many of her "finds" for the Halloween Tea.

She used a wire egg rack to hold darling egg shape gourds....she added a string of mini white lights.

Apples, and pumpkins on her tablescape, as well as dishes of candy.

I love how people use Scrabble pieces to add to their displays.....I am still on the hunt for a Scrabble game of my far no luck!!

Mary Ann's tablescape was just perfect!! But I have to say I think my favorite part of the tablescape was the use of the pale orange roses.....this rose is called Joseph's coat.....I just love this simple centerpiece!! And these gorgeous roses grow in her yard!!

As usual, my girlfriends and I always have a wonderful time when we get up...Christmas Tea in 6 weeks!!

Can you believe it?  Christmas Tea in 6 weeks?




  1. Wow, what a fun tablescape! I see some candy sprinkled about on the table. I think if I was invited to this tea, I'd be eating the table decorations!

  2. Looks like a great tea party. I love that rose too..what a beautiful color and lucky to have it grow in her yard!

  3. A fabulous tablescape. Halloween hugs!

  4. How fun!!! But please don't mention Christmas yet, OK? I am freaking out about Thanksgiving! lol And Halloween hasn't even got here!

  5. Great table setting from your girlfriend! I have that same wire egg basket stand and love how she used it...gonna copy that! Have a sweet Halloween!

  6. Looks like such fun, and what a beautiful table!! I love the idea of getting together for tea! So sweet! I can't believe only 2 more months to Christmas!! xo Heather

  7. Gorgeous table, nothing better than getting together with the girls. Christmas..EEKKK stop it!


  8. A Boo-tiful table for sure! Love reading about your tea parties! Those orange roses are really something! I wonder if Mary Ann decorated the glasses? Trying to figure that out - so cute!
    The whole thing looks gorgeous, and I'm sure a good time was had by all - but - EEK! isn't it too soon to mention the Christmas Tea!!!
    xoxo Jane

  9. Lovely decorations, but the idea of Christmas tea in 6 weeks is a little scary

  10. Hi Chris,
    What a perfect table setting your friend set! How FUN!!!
    Eeek...Christmas is coming up quickly and a Christmas Tea sounds lovely~

  11. Looks like such fun. I love that the tablescape is mostly thrifted. So cute and creative!

  12. I agree! Roses in October! Peach ones to boot. Great ideas at this table. Elizabeth

  13. What a wonderfully fun table scape! It really is great you have a Halloween tea! I will be making some chile con carne and taking it in the crock to grandma and grandpa's house and baking some cornbread for Halloween night and trick or treating in the old family neighborhood. It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming so fast!