Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Favorite Corner....

of the Xavier Ct house is in the living room. I had a few pictures of flowers, that were very special....two of them had been painted by my Grandper Cote', two of them lived with Grandper and Nana Cote', one was a needlework done by Grandper's aunt as a young girl and one was done by my Uncle Bud's Mother-in-Law.

And over time as I stopped at more and more garage sales, I seemed to be drawn to pictures of flowers. It seemed that for period of time, I couldn't stop at a garage sale without finding a picture of flowers and bringing it home.

the corner table is also home to Nana Cote's Hummels. Well, home to the ones that didn't break in the 1989 earthquake we had in the Bay Area. I have saved the pieces, not sure why, it just seems a shame to toss them out...I have to say every time I see them, it makes me laugh that I can't throw them away....


I also have a small cloche filled with my Dad's marbles.  He always said he saved them because he loved the colors! I do love looking at the marbles and picturing him playing with them as a young boy!

Perhaps I'm enjoying looking at my Dad's marbles more this week  because it's his birthday week.....

He'd be 100 years old this Friday!!



  1. A beautiful corner Chris! I love rose needlepoints and paintings, too! Wishing you a week full of sweet memories of your Dad on his birthday week! xo Heather

  2. yes, such a lovely corner of treasures! and family treasures at that, which are extra special!
    And cool that you still have your dads marbles.
    I love seeing snippets of all my blogger friends houses and hearing about their lives!
    thanks for sharing!
    happy Wednesday

  3. Sigh...a lovely collection...a lovely corner. I agree with Viv. I love seeing other people's homes and special collections.

  4. What a lovely corner filled with pretties and wonderful memories. I think this is the best kind of decor in a house-things that mean something to you. I can't get rid of a kleenex that was in my Mom's pocket. I certainly can relate to the broken Hummel pieces.

  5. It's a very nice and cozy corner! It always nice to have pieces from our family to enjoy and remember them by!



  7. It's great how you put your collection of flowers in a special corner along with your dad's marbles. Wonderful way to reflect. Happy b'day to your dad!

  8. What a sweet, memory filled, pretty spot.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Chris,
    How wonderful to have a special place like that and all those memories.
    I hope you think about joining the quilt-a-long. It's not too much to do so you could easily catch up. Or wait for me to do one, I am doing this one as practice and then I will do my own next year after the holidays. It should be fun!
    By the way, my mom was also born in SanFrancisco, and actually lived there up until right before I was born. They were married there and had my big brother there, but an earthquake sent my dad packing! I often wonder what my life would have been like if they hadn't moved to Wisconsin!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment!

  10. Happy birthday to Dad, I am sure he is looking down at his gorgeous marbles, he's right they are fun to look at. The corner of your house is a perfect memory corner....Oh I love flower pictures too!!!


  11. How wonderful to have all of these wonderful items owned and made by your family!!!! 100 years old, can you imagine? And I am sure you wish more than anything you could celebrate it with him, I know I do every birthday that comes along for my folks....:)

  12. Have you ever seen 'Tacky Wax'? We use it to adhere accessories to our Dept. 56 village houses. You might be able to put some under the Hummels to adhere them (temporarily) to the table so they couldn't fall off again. I'd constantly be thinking of how to protect treasures from the 'next' earthquake if I lived there I'm afraid! Love your special memories corner pix!

  13. Your framed floral art is my favorite too! :)

  14. Chris, I love all of your pretty floral art and I love that several of them were created by family members. How special the jar of marbles is! I'm so glad you have that. (I hate to say it, but I would probably have kept the broken Hummels too-so glad some of them were intact). This is a wonderful corner of memories, and I loved seeing it. laurie

  15. Hi Chris! Happy Birthday to your Daddy! I think it is great to display the marbles that he played with as a boy in such a pretty way. I am sure that would have made him happy! I like your corner, too. It is so pretty and just looks like home to me. All these little pieces of family history together in a little family corner! Hopw special is that? I love it!

  16. Chris, This was the sweetest post! The marbles truly melt my heart. I would play the game with my father who also spoke of loving them as a child. You have collected together things that were important to your loved ones, and now they are important to you. Beautiful! Have a lovely fall weekend. E

  17. Such a special corner, with all those family treasures! How wonderful to have such meaningful family treasures!
    xoxo Jane