Monday, October 8, 2012

Not A Trick In The Bunch!

I had a wonderful swap partner in the Witch"s Hat Swap that Viv, from Viv Out On A Whim hosted.

Linda who blogs at LBP Sews was my partner.  Linda designed a great Witch's hat for me!!

Linda used a green Christmas bulb for the top of the hat...and I Love, Love the flowers she used! And do you see the black spider hiding in the flowers?

She included so many other special treats.....

A little witch doll, and a container of tic tacs with a tag saying Pumpkin Seeds!!

A Halloween pen holder...Linda stitched two pieces of scrap booking paper together to create the holder!  It's perfect in my purse!!
A first place ribbon, with my name on it...
A dishtowel, a dish with candy corn, and tons of creepy, crawlers topped off my box of treats

Linda, thank you so very much for the Halloween treats!!



  1. Nice pix and great goodies! Looks like you had a lot to play with there!

  2. Love the hat!! So pretty and sweet!! A great swap! xo Heather

  3. How fabulous is that hat!!! You really did a neat bunch of treasures. It's been so much fun seeing everyone's swap packages and interpretations on the witch hat.

  4. Linda did a great job on the hat and all the goodies are great too! This was a fun swap wasnt it? I'm planning on posting pics very soon!
    have a great day

  5. I adore that little witch doll. And that hat was too cute, also!

  6. This has been so much fun! I am so glad you shared your pics...the ladies in this swap have been much creativity. I am so grateful to be a member of this community...I have never been so creative and productive as I have this past year. You keep me challenged and engaged. =D

  7. How cute are all those Halloween goodies. That must have been a really fun swap.

  8. Chris, Your post on your parents was so wonderful! This hat is super. Boy have I learned so much from seeing all the wonderful hats. Thanks for stopping by! 7 Gypsies is a company that makes the most amazing hardware for using in scrapbooking. My Rolodex of my craft room is from them. The shadowbox can be found at Michaels for $19.99, but wait until it is not on sale to use a 50% off coupon. I buy cards that I know I am going to cut up for projects. Ones that I collect I reprint on the back paper of the ones cut up. You can't tell they aren't old because the paper itself is old! Have a great day! E

  9. Love the gifts you received and your Witches. Looks like a great swap. x

  10. What a beautiful witch's hat! And all the goodies! I love seeing what everyone made or got in this adorable swap! Fantastic imaginations!!!!

  11. What a wonderful swap! You really got some great goodies - fantastic hat!