Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Little Late Night Crafting!

My daughter Meredith is leaving today for East Lansing of her closest college friends lives there with her family.

She has two little girls, Sophia and Ruby, and Meredith wanted to take a little something for them.

We tossed around several ideas......

And decided we'd make each girl an felt angel.

Meredith had lived in Seattle for 4 years and it just so happened that her job there was ending at the same time my daughter Meghann needed someone to help her in Phoenix for two months while she got settled after moving from Atlanta.

So off she went....

From the Pacific Northwest to the desert!

She played nanny to Miss Margaret until Meghann's husband was able to join them. While Meghann was busy with her new job Meredith and Margaret did a lot of exploring in the Phoenix area.

It did not surprise me when Meredith said she had collected some feathers while hiking....she has always loved feathers.....She said they were Turkey feathers....we decided that they would make perfect wings for the angels! 

Meredith learned how to blanket stitch late last night and I think she had fun sorting through my collections looking for embellishments.

She also decided to make Miss Margaret an angel when she gets back next week......Meredith said Margaret loved helping collect the Turkey feathers and thought this would be a nice remembrance of their time together.

Meredith is staying with us until after the first of the year when she's moving to Portland.

This girl sure gets around!



  1. The angels are so sweet. What a great picture.

  2. The angels are very cute! Wow, Meredith sure does move around. She and Miss Margaret must have a really special bond. Being an aunt is so much fun! :)
    Hugs to you Chris- Erica

  3. Your angels are too precious! The 3 angels in the photo are pretty cute too! ;)

  4. Darling angels. Such a sweet photo too. Your daughter is an hour away from me! The cold front is moving in this weekend. We're actually setting up our backyard ice rink later tonight to prepare for the upcoming arctic temps. I hope she packed warm clothes!!

  5. That is adorable! And angle wings out of the found feathers will make some little girls mighty happy!


  6. we lived in PDX for two years; one hour to Mt Hood, one hour to the beach...I loved it in the summer but couldn't take the rain. Your gift will be loved, a personal angel for each little angel.

  7. The angels are so sweet and cute! Your daughter isn't too far away from me, we're suppose to be getting some cold weather coming....I'm hoping for snow!!! :) Happy sweet week! xo Holly

  8. Beautiful! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. Beautiful angels! Have a great rest of the week Chris! xo Heather

  10. Beautiful angels, she did pretty stitches. Turkey feathers are good luck!