Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Every Lent my Dad and Mom put up what would eventually become our Easter tree......

The Lenten tree represented Christ's 40 days spent in the desert. It was a quiet, simple, and thoughtful time. A period of time where the nuns at school advocated giving up something that would be a challenge.

Most often we were encouraged to give up sweets, or a favorite drink.

My Dad and Mom had a different take on it.....I was encouraged to make an effort to help someone else...service was the name of the game.

It was not all about me, and what I was giving up, it was about helping others. Sometimes it was harder to give up my Saturday or after school time, than it was to give up Chocolate!

I still use the same branch that my Dad and Mom used....they brought it home from a walk near Half Moon 1948!

It was stored as lovingly as their Christmas Tree.....wrapped and tucked carefully away, brought out once a year.

It's a tradition that I continued with my girls.....when they woke up Easter morning the tree had been transformed to a tree celebrating new life!

Have you given any thought as to how you might help someone else?



  1. Such a beautiful tradition!! And, how neat to have the same branch that your parents used. So special! Happy Easter!! xo Heather

  2. That is very sweet that your parents kept that tree branch all of those years! What a lovely tradition and sweet that you keep it going.
    Have a Happy Easter :)

  3. Chris, What a wonderful memory tree to have. I love it and love that it stayed in your family. I try to help people all the time-sometimes to my own detriment. I hope you have a wonderful Easter, Chris- xo Diana

  4. What a beautiful and precious tradition to have your parents branch. I'm so proud of my girls and hard they've worked at giving up things for Lent.

    Have a blessed Easter.

  5. 1948? I love, love traditions like that and so special to carry it on!

  6. I try teaching my Girl Scout Troop that helping others should be a daily "thing". You might think what you did is such a minor event but the person you did it for could see it in such a different light.
    Chris =]

  7. Chris, This is the most beautiful post. What an honor to display your parents found branch each Easter. I love your Lenten tradition as a child. I must tell you I gasped to see the oil painting in the background as it is a scene often painted by my mother. Lovely.
    I can't thank you enough for joining the Supply Swap. I think it will be such fun. I have paired you with Mary Ellen of Mary's Meanderings. I think you have a lot in common with each other and will enjoy sharing supplies.
    Have a blessed Easter. Elizabeth

  8. That is awesome Chris !! I never knew you had that tree. Also, loved your felt chick too !


  9. How neat that you have the same branch all these years! Great tradition for sure!!

    I am so excited that I am your swap partner at Elizabeth's Creative Breathing Swap! I have had fun going through your later posts to get an idea of your likes and such. Love your creative space! It looks like we have a lot of similar interests- pretty plates, roses, linens and such so this will be fun trying to find just the right treasures for your box!

    If you have anything special you are looking for or maybe a particular color that your are wanting let me know. I am a junker like you and love finding treasures so who knows,I may just be able to fulfill your request!

    Bee blessed

  10. Oh what a sweet tradition..Geez I got choked up! I gave up candy for lent, but you are right yours was harder. I just know that tree will be carrying on the tradition for your kids kids. Happy Easter!


  11. So nice - yes, it's good to have an attitude adjustment & go the extra mile for someone else. It's adding instead of subtracting!

  12. Love this!

    I wrote a post for Sunday on how I most recently was helpful. :)

  13. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow!
    Blessings and Happy Easter!
    Carolynn xo