Monday, January 28, 2013

A Sweet Box!

Last week the postman dropped off a pretty good size brown usual I can never wait to open any thing that arrives for me in the mail....well except for bills of course, I could live without opening another bill.....

Any Who......

Opening this package was sooo much fun!

It was the decorated Valentine Candy Box from Shirley at Zetta's Aprons!

Can you believe this box???

But Just wait!!!!

Stuffed full of Valentine fun!

Buttons, glitter, embellishments for crafting, vintage Valentines including a special one that belonged to Shirley's Aunt Jane.....if you've ever visited Shirley's blog, you know how important her family and her family history is to her...I am so fortunate to have received such a special Valentine!

Of course some candy too, and a small Valentine ornament made out of a section of a egg crate!

Shirley hit a home run with this swap!!!  I love my Valentine Candy Box!!

My Valentine Candy Box for Shirley is in the mail today.



  1. Looks like all sorts of pretty things for your paper crafting! I have a deck of cards just like that doggie in the picture!

  2. How beautiful. I love seeing everyone's interpretations on this craft. What a great idea to use egg cartoon for an ornament too.

  3. What a wonderful box full of goodies!

  4. your one lucky girl! I would have that than a box of chocolates.

  5. Beautiful!!! So many goodies in that pretty Valentine box! I love the little egg carton ornie. Such a cute idea!

  6. What a box full of Valentine pretties!!! Shirley is the sweetest! xo Heather

  7. I love the box she made. You are very lucky to get all those pretties!

  8. Could it be any cuter???? Shirley did such a great job!
    I love everything! I'm so glad you gals had fun with this swap! :)

  9. Oh- That is a very wonderful box full of Valentine love. What a treat!!! xo Diana

  10. Very pretty.....she did a wonderful job! We are all lucky to recieve such nice goodies! Chris I really love my Valentine I recieved from you and will be doing a post on it tomorrow. I am playing catch up....I've been extremely busy with my new baby grandson :)

  11. Shirley is a very awesome partner to have! LOVE it all! Fun idea with the egg carton. That would be fun to also make at Easter!
    Enjoy your goodies!

  12. What a wonderful Valentine box, Chris--lucky you!

    Wishing you the loveliest day...


  13. It's fun seeing everyone's swaps! So pretty and fun! ♥

  14. Hi Chris. Your beautiful Valentines arrived today. I just saw that another person posted pictures of the hearts she made for the swap that I haven't received. I am hoping they will be here soon. I never heard from her. So I will mail your hearts soon. I did a big mailing yesterday. Don't worry, I saved some goodies for you. Thanks for the extra sweet things you sent for me. Love that material.

  15. Hi Chris! You and I will be partners for Debby at Cozy Blanket's spoolie swap! Here's my email Please drop a line so we can exchange mailing addresses!!!!

  16. I love that Valentine box - and the special "Aunt Jane" card!
    xo Jane