Friday, November 23, 2012


I tried to put up a Thanksgiving Day post, with Thanksgiving pictures from Family Circle, 1964.......


I am out of storage space!! 

Not exactly sure what that means other than I cannot upload any more pictures.

Google gave me the opportunity to buy more storage space and I was willing to buy.....but I can't!!

I chose the plan I wanted to upgrade to, and clicked on the continue to checkout button and nothing happened! question to my fellow  bloggers is this.....

What do I do?

Has anyone else had this problem?

Hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!



  1. Chris, I upload to flickr and then "share" with blogger. so Flickr host the pictures. However, it will only hold 200 pictures at a time, you can upload as many as you want.. but the bottom ones fall off. I pay the 25.oo a year to have a pro account which means it will hold as many pics as I want. I very seldomly upload directly to blogger.
    check out flickr. You can click on one of my pics to get there and then just look around and see if it will work for you. I think I have over 6000 pics there... (I know.. rediculous!)
    hope this helps you.

  2. Sorry I can't help and am "waiting' for this to happen to me!
    GO to Carol's blog...Old Glory Cottage as she just had this happen to her!
    I've deleted some old posts/photos and that seems to help for now!

  3. Crud..I remember this happening to me and I simple bought the storage from the place that google sent me to. It seems to have worked for the two years I have done it. Sometimes I do a full reboot and start over if I can't get it to work..your package arrived and it is gorgeous....smiles...Renee

  4. It happened to me recently too. So I followed the links to purchase storage through Google Picasa, picked the plan and finished up without a problem. Maybe you just need to try it again? Did you see if you can upload now?

  5. I had to buy space a year ago. I hope you've been able to try it again. Finger crossed.

  6. I had to buy more space. I think I pay monthly. Hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Chris!! xo Heather

  7. Oh no Chris! You are the third blog I have visited that has said they have this problem? I wonder if it is a Thanksgiving present from Blogger? I haven't done a recent post and wonder if it will happen to me? I did fin a good article to help out in this situation so here is the link:
    Hope this is helpful!
    Blessings friend,

  8. Hi Chris,
    I am brand new to your blog. Friend of Viv's. I am Jacqueline from Once Upon a Fairyland (my childhood home) and I love dolls, vintage toys, gnomes, elves, fairy tales and fairies and anything cute...oh yes, storybook homes too!
    I love Viv's idea for you but when this happened to me (2 times now) I just went back and deleted a bunch of pics on Picassa and blog posts from way back when and went on. Never bought any space.

  9. Chris, I sent you an email showing you what I did when this happened to me. Hope it works!

  10. Good luck, Chris. It hasn't happened to me yet, but I know it will.

  11. It's been awhile since I had to do this, but I think I had to purchase storage through Picasa. I can't imagine why your purchase wouldn't go through. Good luck! laurie

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  13. Oh, Chris, the same thing happened to me last week - wah! I tried shrinking each photo & reloading but way too time-consuming - bleh!
    One of our White Christmas swappers said if you shrink the photos you want to upload to 300 or less maybe you can still do them. I'm going to see if that works, or else try Vivian's Flickr idea.
    Really, it's very annoying at this time of year!!! Good Luck!xoxo Jane

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  15. Oh no! That happened to me about a year ago and I was able to purchase the extra storage, but it took a few days to get it all sorted out. Such a bummer! Hope it gets resolved FAST!