Monday, November 12, 2012

A Few Veteran's Day Favorites!

My Dad was so proud of his service to our country!

He saved many mementos in a special box....we often would sit together and he would tell me about each one. I loved hearing the stories!!

But something that meant a lot to him was his Army Jacket! His Eisenhower Jacket!

One of my Dad's favorite pictures was a panoramic photo of the Leadville Colorado American Red Cross. His mother and grandmother were members.

My great grandmother is holding the dark flag in the front row....anyone holding a flag had a family member fighting in WWI.  This photo is circa 1915.

A very special thank you to all of our Veterans and service men and women!!



  1. Such beautiful memories, and what an amazing jacket!! I am grateful for your father's service to our country!! Thanks for sharing these treasures Chris! xo Heather

  2. What fantastic pictures. How special that they are in your possession. My father served in Vietnam in a Mash Unit for two years. I'm always amazed at the stories he would share with us.

  3. a special thanks to your dad! and mine too. He was in the navy when I was born and then served in the national guard forever after that! when he moved to florida 27 years ago, he joined the airforce reserves until he retired. Im proud of my dad too.
    I should have called him yesterday... shame on me.. I will today!

  4. What a great heirloom.. My son has been wearing my brothers flight suit lately while on the farm...I love a man in uniform..smiles..Renee

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    Here is my blog ... panic attack

  6. Chris, those are such precious pictures. I love your Dads army jacket. I wish my Dad had saved his. We do have his army blanket and dog tags though. Happy belated Veterens Day. Wonderful post!

  7. What a great post and photos! My Dad still has his army jacket too. For many years he would brag he could still fit into it. Happy belated Veterans Day.


  8. What a loving tribute to your father's service to our country! Such precious photos and memories1
    xoxo Jane

  9. Chris, what wonderful family memorabilia. I love that you are taking care of these treasures. What a neat story about the Red Cross picture with the flag holders. Thank God to those who served and serve in our military and for their families who sacrifice while waiting at home. laurie

  10. Your father looks so handsome. It is wonderful that you have these items and all the great memories of his stories. The picture of your great grandmother is so neat. They were from Leadville? Thanks you for sharing your memories. Thanks to all the Veterans.

  11. Hi Chris-
    Your Dad's jacket is so great! And so are the neat old pictures. Thank goodness you have these things to help keep memories alive, and to honor your Dad!
    We all owe so much to every single veteran.
    Hope you're having a great week Chris!
    Erica :)

  12. Hi Chris, What an absolute treasure this jacket and it's stories are for you. Your Christmas tags are absolutely beautiful! May I ask how you made the "snow"? I would love to make some small tags, you have inspired me very much.

  13. Oh for goodness sake! I've been to Leadville to visit my parent's friends from high school. They had a daughter they named Molly...yes, their last name was Brown and they lived in Leadville, home of the 'unsinkable Molly Brown'!

  14. You must be so proud, what fun t listen to his stories, what a treasure to have the jacket!


  15. How blessed we are to have such brave men in our lives. I thank your dad (and many others now gone) for my freedom.

  16. That is so wonderful that you have those things. We all owe them so much.

  17. Hi There. How have I missed your blog. I should have seen it on Brenda's Welcome Wagon. You were in the witches hat and the Putz house swap and so was I. Anyhooooo I am following your sweet blog now.

  18. What amazing photos!!! We thank your dad and all the family for their devotion to our country.
    Sampson and Lorrie