Saturday, September 8, 2012

Plans Change......

I had planned to spend my day packaging and mailing my tags for Tammy's in Love Hometown Tag Swap.......

But my cell phone rang and that was it!

I had to go to work.... a crisis.... needless to say I was not too happy about my plans being changed.

On the way to work I saw a sign for an Estate Sale and I decided to reward myself for putting a smile on my face, and stop.

First thing I saw was something I never can resist.......Ever.....well....unless it's out of my price range.......but this one wasn't.....

a wrought iron lawn dollar! Right in my budget!! My family thinks I'm crazy. I have quite a few lawn chairs. They just seem to call my name. When I showed Mr. Math he smiled and said another one? I said well it was only a dollar, I know I didn't really need it....he smiled again and said well maybe not, but the way you set them up in the yard looks so nice!  I guess he does notice!

I also picked up a few linens

beautiful tatting

 a sweet baby's sleeping jacket, with a pink embroidered lamb.

Two vintage plaid thermos bags, complete with the sandwich box!! Just in time for football season!!

I was feeling a little guilty about stopping on the way into work......but after having the owner tally up my purchases and the total less than $10.00, I got over it pretty quick!! 

Now back to the original plan...first, however, an email to Tammy to let her know I will be a day late with my Hometown Tags, maybe if I send her a few crocheted items she'll forgive me!




  1. So sorry about the emergency at work you got called in. But, what a reward... nice chair and for only a dollar... the crochet is beautiful too. Hugs, Cindy

  2. So sorry about having to work today! Glad you got to stop off and get these sweet treasures!! Love the chair! xo Heather

  3. If you hadn't gone to work you wouldn't have gotten to go to the FUN sale and there wouldn't be a chair for me to sit on when I come to see you one day! Smile... Glad you cheered yourself up and don't worry about a day late and...a dollar short! One dollar chair, hush up!

  4. Amazing deals Chris! If you hadn't left for work you may not have gone by that estate sale sign today.

  5. wow, cant believe all that for under 10.00! I love those picnic sets. I remember my mother had something similar. I can really only remember every using it once (though there may have been lots of times I just dont remember!) I remember her bringing it in the car with us when she took us sledding and the thermos's were filled with hot chocolate.
    have a great day Chris

  6. What a wonderful bargain. That my dear is quite the lawn chair. And for a dollar I would like ten please! Love all your finds and for did well...smiles..Renee

  7. EEK!! I love those old iron chairs! What a deal!!!Linens are sweet! It was worth the stop!!

  8. I live in the wrong part of the country for great yard sale crap...I mean treasures! Lucky you! I can't wait to see your hometown tags...the friendship pennants were adorable! =D

  9. You definitely earned that estate sale...having to go into work on the weekend. Love those plaid thermos bags. You did very well on all your treasures.

  10. Wow! You hit the jack pot! In my area, garage and estate sales are priced as high as antique store prices. =(

    I love the baby jacket with the lamb....

  11. You were totally in the right to stop at the estate sale. Work emergencies require treating ourselves to treats. I have that exact picnic set! I love it and use it to take snacks when we go out in the boat. Perfect size!



  12. Oh wow! That was a great sale, I would have bought everything you did......You deserve it!!


  13. Good grief! That is what that was! Good you got called to work so you could stop and buy all that great stuff! Seriously? Ten dollars? I know Tammy won't mind a bit when she sees this, ha ha! Good for you,

  14. Oh...My goodness! You scored in a big way! Your were definitely in the right place at the right time! Every single item you found would be just what I would snatch, too! The iron lawn chair (yes, and it's even white)...the vintage linens (oo lah lah!) and those wonderful red thermoses.
    I think Santa decided that you, indeed, have been a very good girl...just a few months ahead of time!
    Thank you for your kind comments and for becoming one of my new friends!
    Blessings and a Merry Christmas!

  15. I love the bluebird embroidered linen you found. :-)

  16. THose are real treasures, and for 10 dollars? I'm glad you stopped. I love the thermos's and linens. Great finds!

  17. Oh my, I am so in love with your treasures....that chair is amazing...super jealous!

  18. How can I follow your wonderful blog?
    Have a great day!

  19. Best laid plans, eh? Oh well, your finds are AWESOME...and such a bargain! LOVE the chair, love the plaid thermoses (is that how you spell the plural? lol) Have a great week ahead,
    Shawn :)

  20. It's a good thing I wasn't at that estate sale, Chris. I would have been fighting you for every one of those treasures. What great deals you got! I can never resist anything plaid, and those thermos sets are wonderful. The pretty stitched linens are so pretty, and oh, what a sweet baby jacket. I love what your husband said about another pretty lawn chair. laurie

  21. You are my kind of gal. That is something I would do. So sorry you got called into work. But by the looks of it was worth it. I am your newest follower. Thank you so much for visiting me.

  22. such scores! Love the little bluebirds! ♥