Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Only Wednesday!!!!

Is this week ever going to end?

It is a crazy week at work and it's only Wednesday. I can think of one word that will give you some sort of idea of what this week is like for me...... AUDITOR. And all I can think of is all of the other things I'd like to be doing besides being at work!

The ladies are gathering for a Valentine's Day tea at one of the Flea Market Friends house this Sunday. Between the two hostesses and the invitation maker, we usually have a favor for our guests. We either put them at their place setting or in a basket or on a tray by the front door and they can take it when they leave. I know the Flea Market Friend is planning something.

It's not necessary for us to have more than one favor or special treat for our guests... we wouldn't want them to be spoiled!!!

But I have had some ideas floating around my head and I just can't shake them. The first thing I'm working on is just a little paper favor that I will put some goodies in.

The second one is something that I've been thinking about for awhile. It doesn't have anything to do with Valentine's Day, it just happens that our Valentine's Day tea is where the ladies will get the gift. I can't say too much in this post because a few of the ladies read my blog!!

But... What I Can Say Is This....A Line From One of My Favorite Movies, Christmas Vacation...

It Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving!!!!



  1. Hmm, wonder what it is? Will look forward to seeing pictures!
    Thanks for stopping by Aralia Lane! Have you read "The Lovely Bones"? I probably wouldn't have read the 2nd one if I hadn't read it. They are both VERY unusual :)
    Now that I've finished my Valentine swaps, I need to clear up my table, still covered with Christmas, 'Z' page stuff + Valentines on top - have to excavate!!!

  2. How fun to gather with friends! Chris, thank you for leaving a comment about the Alameda Flea. I live about 80 miles away in the valley. Yes, Daniela and Eric are near Watsonville - same folks. Super lovely, too.

    It'd be fun to meet up with you there!!